Wind Power: The Truth

Wind power is set to play a vital role in the UK’s future energy mix, yet the truth of its versatility and usefulness is often lost in a bluster of myths and untruths. Our Wind Power Facts video is packed with interesting and current facts about wind power, and is a great learning resource about wind energy.

The video sets out factually supported evidence of the expediency of wind power, answers a host of common questions and dispels a cloud of myths which surround the industry.

Following popular demand we have put all of the facts, calculations and references from the video on the ASC Renewables website which you can find here at

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Creative talent: Cristina Chapman and TBI media.

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  1. And don't forget all components can be manufactured in either the UK, USA, or Europe because the process of mining, smelting and disposal of waste is in no way harmful to life or the environment.

  2. They are environmentally unsound and useless to a grid go ask a qualified power engineer. They consume more energy to make install and maintain than they ever produce. Britain regularly takes no power from these incredibly costly white elephants. That’s the truth!!

  3. Wind Turbines are expensive and harmful to wildlife and humans, they are not the answer to our energy requirements. We will regret this but unfortunately not before some corporations have added to their fortunes and made the average citizen poorer!

  4. Well there are drawbacks that are never mentioned like the fact millions of birds are killed every year by wind farms. Or how about the fact that all windmills in a wind farm are not turning at one time or that the blades deteriorate within three years or that the power does not go for the homes in the area of those farms.The companies that own them make more money sending that power elsewhere across state lines. Just a few of the downsides to say nothing of the scenic beauty spoiled with hundreds of windmills blocking it. OH did I mention the conversion rate of production to electricity?

  5. 4 minutes and 11 seconds of spin. Don't fall for this rubbish. eg there is a turbine in Portsmouth Rhode Island that only lasted 3 years not the claimed 25. The repair bill was $700, 000. OUCH

  6. Not mentioning the materials required to manufacture the turbines and how they are obtained through open sky mining. Also ignoring the pollution caused by the turbines when they run out of operative life and become a huge monument to human stupidity with leaks and rust flushing down.

  7. A good presentation (perhaps too good), but I usually like to know who is the person making the assertions . I am invested in Dominion energy in the USA and they are going big on wind which leaves me pause , because there seems to be little incentive unless there are major subsidies paid for by the tax payer . Also , small scale wind for the home is a definite no no from what Ive seen .

  8. Forget it its usefull for killing birds all kinds of birds . Not cost efficient. sights destroyed .for now only represents more pollution because when they dont work cole oil and gas take over. Cost of living rising from the theft. Climate change is naturally controlled by cycles of many things .not the ants or us . Co2 is the base of all life .

  9. Keep in mind these things are going to power all of our electric cars in the future – how's that going to work out. Mr. average car owner should try to work that into his environmental thinking. He'd better get a good pair of shoes. In the US with very few exceptions, we ride bicycles for pleasure.

  10. Read the latest reports on the maintenance costs of the offshore turbines and all the other "Facts" which were not even known in 2012 when this video was made. The government hides everything why would it tell the truth about wind power when its promoting it? Search for the true cost of wind power which is as well hidden as any other left wing secret.

  11. Great insight into the build just subscribed and it’s a nice compact turbine I also have built a homemade 650 watts wind turbine, a treadmill motor turbine and a little but powerful ametek 30v turbine and built 2 diy solar panels, be careful in high winds one of my first turbines blew up 😕and now have only 2 wonderful turbines working daily 😊it’s very satisfying watching those things working, keep up the good work buddy 👍

  12. I call Bullshit. All these promo vids work on maximum possible output, and minimum costs/negatives. I have heard that the "best" wind farms in the world produce at most, 30% of their claimed potential output., So right out of the gate, every economic benefit needs to be divided by about 3. IF the same level of BS goes into playing down their costs, as goes into what they produce, I have to wonder if they are not just GIANT , "look at us, we are all touchy feely renewable friendly governments around here." Now I stress, I DO NOT KNOW, just how effective they really are, but I DO KNOW that SJW types are lying bastards who talk shit to make themselves feel superior, and companies love getting governments to subsidise wasteful wankfests, so I remain cynically unconvinced at this stage. I should note I am not a global warming denier, but I have just watched my local council put our rates up at a level 5 times higher than inflation, and 10 times average wage growth levels, to pay for redoing our town centre to make the traffic worse, and reduce parking, and remove any free parking, but they did install 2 electric car charging stations in the shopping strip, to show how environmentally friendly they are. I have not seen even ONE, electric car in our town yet, but no doubt the council will soon enough buy at least two, so they can take a picture showing their bold new initiative being successfully used. I should add that my town is 400kms from the state's major city, and in the middle of a rural area where the long trips that are normal would make the likelihood of electric vehicle take up highly limited. However, the council members can brag about how much they are doing for the environment, so long as they do not mention the wastage of resources and carbon cost of redoing a whole city centre that did not need redoing at all??? My fear is that wind turbines is a similar type of wank on a global scale.

  13. 2:39 Bird fatalities in aggregate, that is incredibly disingenuous. Are you counting the effect on pigeons, or bald eagles?
    2:56 The generating price is not the price that you pay. It's a case of supply and demand. A generator must be able to supply 100% of demand or the price will skyrocket.
    3:28 This is just an outright lie. Australia has spent 128 Billion building solar and wind. Which still only generates 5% of our power. 9.8% of our power, but same point still applies.

    This is sad. If you really care about climate change, show figures in context of the amount of power we actually need. Not isolated random factoids, to make it sound more productive than it really is!

  14. So it would take thousands if not hundreds of thousands of Wind Turbines to supply electricity to the hundreds of thousands of homes and business then. Which would cost more energy and resources to build despite the fact that's less environmentally sound.

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