Wind Power In HINDI {Science Thursday}

in this ep we will look at Power of the wind
SO what is it
How we make electricity
Cost the pro & Con
Why so much interest
So what can we see in FUTURE




  1. Many many thanks sir ….i understand about wind energy better than my books . …and it could helped me in my semester exam …..Btw thank u sir .. thank u very much

  2. 1) windmill generator aur diesel generator me kya difference hota hai, pl. give detail. 2) windmill gearbox ki detail jankari dijia. Like 1 Ratio, 2 type of gearbox, 3 kaunsa gearbox lagana uchit hoga.

  3. Hello Mate,
    Many thanks and congratulations for such nice videos. I am interested in renewal energy, be it solar or wind or bio. But i have very little knowledge of electronics, but good at information technology ( IT admin/software development ), i have few ideas to work on, and would like to discuss. So if you are interested please mail me on or you can leave ur number i will call u.
    Thanks 🙏

  4. Sir what is the cost of 10kW wind power
    Is it sufficient for 10hp submersibal water pump? .
    And which type of current it produces AC or DC .?
    For wind power water motor need to be changed as solar power ?

  5. आपके द्वारा दी गई जानकारी बहुत उपयोगी लगी
    Wind energy 5 kw ka turbine cost kya hai ?
    सोलर से बिजली 10 kw का क्या रेट होगा और govt subsidy के बारे में जानकारी हो तो दीजिये

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