Why is the Amazon rainforest dying?

The largest jungle on our planet, the Amazon, is in danger of drying out. If we lose just 5% more to deforestation, it may never be the same again.



  1. I wonder how many more videos it'll take until people finally realise what we are currently doing to our planet. We may live good lives for now (at least parts of the population) but our actions of today affect our lives of tomorrow and tomorrow will get even worse if we don't stop it now.
    Again, a great video!

  2. yes, this is an amazing video and very true indeed in every single fact, BUT why not mention the first cause of deforestation in the Amazon Forest? 91 trees out of 100 are cut down to make space for the plantation_monocultures of SOY to feed the billions of animals we raise that pollute the water and produce methane and waste water. This is due to the economic support people give without knowing it. The criminal president Bolsonaro is destroying the lungs of the planet. Basically it's us that we're paying the machine so just put money where the business is friendly with Mother Earth which we all rely upon.

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