What If the Sahara Desert Was Covered With Solar Panels?

In a world exhausted of fossil fuels, solar panels can provide a sustainable solution to our energy problems. But they also come with a couple of issues: for one, solar farms are massive, and they have to be set up somewhere that gets a lot of sunlight.

Now, if only we had a large mass of unused land that gets guaranteed sunlight everyday… Could we cover an entire desert in solar panels? Would that be enough to power the entire world? What kind of problems could we run into?

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  1. TAKE YOUR OWN TIME AND READ Tesla did it long way back by sending current wireless but the government stopped him and stored all his inventions in a museum and they have restricted to these inventions (written in books by telsa before he's dead ) to normal people. Great job the government gave this to individual people and made them scientist actually it was all found by Tesla . HE IS THE LEGEND . IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ME CHECKOUT TESLA EPISODES DONE IN HISTORY TV18. SALUTE THE LEGEND TESLA🙏🏻

  2. but life in there has adapted for centuries to those particular conditions, that drastic change caused to the sahara's enviroment will probably cause some serious ecological issues and possibly the extinction of many species

  3. no existen recursos para transportar esa energia. no para crear todos esos paneles solares.
    nos acabariamos el aluminio y acero del mundo…

    el unico futuro es consumir menos energia. y como hacemos eso?. fabricando cosas que duren y se puedan reparar. si las cosas duraran 3 veces mas nos ahorrariamos la mitad de la energia del planeta..

  4. Yeah in Australia it could be feasible. You'd have to put those giant batteries from Tesla along the way, too. You would have to make it like a mesh or web as well, so no country would raise the prices on their land and mess up the distribution.

  5. So you want us to switch out oil sheiks for solar sheiks?
    No thank's Europe need's energy independence and it shall come from our vast Wind and wave potential.
    The british isles alone have enough that if harnesed with curent wind turbine technology could cover have the continents electricity needs.
    And waver farms can be built of France's atlantic coast.
    Finally Norway has enough thorium to cover our baseload need's through safe and secure Nuclear Thorium.
    Beyond that there's the enourmes geothermal potential of Spain, Italy and various countries in the Balkans.
    Not to mention Russias hydropotential.

  6. What if we use all ofs Europe's army and do a sweep across Africa and have it governed by a type of EU energy group and get big companies to pay their taxes which they haven't sent

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