What Ever Happened To Saving The Rainforest?

The efforts to save the Amazon rainforest actually did save it. However, new threats have arisen to combat conservation efforts.

Ocean Volcanoes May Hold Clues To Alien Life –
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How Brazil Has Dramatically Reduced Tropical Deforestation

“Over the past nine years, the rate of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon has dropped by 70 percent. This success has been achieved despite high beef and soy prices, which in previous years had pushed deforestation upward, and during a time that Brazil had rapid economic growth and made important progress in reducing poverty, hunger, and inequality. Brazil’s reduction in emissions from deforestation is the largest contribution so far by any country—rich or poor—to reducing global warming pollution.”

Deforestation: Facts, Causes & Effects

“Deforestation is the permanent destruction of forests in order to make the land available for other uses. An estimated 18 million acres (7.3 million hectares) of forest, which is roughly the size of the country of Panama, are lost each year, according to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).”

Tropical Deforestation Affects Rainfall in the U.S. and Around the Globe

“Today, scientists estimate that between one-third and one-half of our planet’s land surfaces have been transformed by human development. Now, a new study is offering insight into the long-term impacts of these changes, particularly the effects of large-scale deforestation in tropical regions on the global climate.”

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Written by: Andra Cernavskis


  1. All these countries wanting to save the rainforest are such hypocrites, they destroy their countries forest and now expect Brazil to save their forest at the cost of advancing their country.

  2. The Amazon rain forest.has no hope now because too many peaple want it all cut down now. Next year the fires will be even worst! It's only a matter of time we destroy the worlds lungs and we all will die because of money!

  3. Shortsightedness of Agribiz in the Amazon Basin:
    While being interviewed, a soybean farmer in the Amazon basin haughtily ridiculed environmentalists for having predicted that the tropical rainforest soil would rapidly be deleted after being cleared and farmed. He proudly proclaims that he’s raised 18 crops of soybeans in 9 years and is still going strong. However, he fails to mention his heavy use of artificial fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, genetically modified seeds and huge loans necessary to sustain the yields. He doesn’t foresee that, as the Amazon shrinks and its hydrological cycle weakens, so will his yields. The banks won’t be there to bail him out, and neither will the Chinese. Instead, when he can’t pay back his agribiz loans, they’ll pick his bones as clean as those of the wildlife he left bleaching in the equatorial sun of the privatized Amazon.
    agriculture amazonia
    Note: Artificial fertilizers are used to bolster tired and depleted soils in non-regenerative farming. Nitric oxide, a potent greenhouse gas, is released in both its production and its usage. So, not only is the world’s most most magnificent display of nature being destroyed and its carbon released, but what replaces it will bring about an increased rate of global warming all so that livestock can be fed starchy foods…..

    nitric oxide greenhouse gas

    monsanto bayer amazonia soybeans

    Note: Pesticides and genetically modified soybean seeds are produced by Monsanto (Bayer).

    Comment: All of this is indicative of minds that are unable and unwilling to understand that carbon dioxide has a blanketing effect on infrared radiation.
    Perhaps one reason that our military minds have a better grasp of our planet’s precarious future is that they understand and rely on infrared technology. Indeed, judging from the curriculum of our military academies, they understand more than just the physics of the electromagnetic spectrum.

  4. Stop Brazil tourism, stop Brazil made products. Show their prime minister , burning Amazon won't fatch a good economy. Save Amazon, save earth.

  5. Well it’s on fire now. Brazil could give two fucks. Climate change is here. 2019 August. Amazon has been on fire for 18 days & it hasn’t even been on the news. Only CNN & BBC. good job humans.

  6. Then Brazil’s president is now burning it.

    He should be held accountable for the death of the indigenous people in Amazon, mass killing of animals and genocide to the entire human race and for violating environmental conservations. Just anything to stop this madness

  7. I agree, this wood is exported worldwide, as well as meat. The wood exported from the Amazon is on the furniture and floors of Europeans, Asians, Arabs and Americans! Don't buy Brazilian wood for goodness sake!

  8. The "big deal" in the 1980s was that Scientists and the media told us he Amazon created most of the world's oxygen. It was referred to as the Earth's lungs. We all had less than 20 years to live. It's suspect you don't mention this.

  9. I honestly hope humans are punished for what they are doing to forests over all. I am a human but I don’t care. I would care more about saving an animal than a human. Sorry but without nature we are nothing.

  10. y'all are like 'cutting down rainforests is bad' whilst you don't live in poverty and your middle class in Europe or America. People need to make a living and in countries like Brazil logging is the only way.

  11. Buy wild caught fish. Brazilians catch fish for aquarium hobbyist's and make more money than they would cutting down trees. So now they rely on use to buy wild caught fish to make money.

  12. we don't want to save the rain forest, thousands of people go missing and die in the forest a year due to head hunters, dangerous animals, poisonous plants, quick sand, cannibals, deadly rivers. The rain forest is basically just a death trap and south park said it the best, please don't save the rain forest

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