This power station stands out in its design and construction to be one of my favorite’s in this department – and it delivers a whopping 1300wh with an 1800w peak! Check it out in the link below:

Eco Flow Delta 1300:

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  1. Hi there, just wanted to say that the entire time I watched your video it seemed as if you were struggling with this unit. What is the time it seem like you just didn’t know what to do with it or what to say about it. I really don’t think that I would go purchase this unit because of that. I do like the capacity that it is but if it just doesn’t work freely and it doesn’t work. Thanks for your time!

  2. Build yourself a solar system. It'll be cheaper, last longer, be more efficient and actually power the things that you need… not just one at a time…🤦‍♂️ You could install an entire solar system with three times the capacity of lithium-ion battery storage and eight times the amount of solar production and with an AC output of 5,000 watt surge… And still have $150 left over…

  3. The case of the solar panel can clip to the solar panel allowing you to use the case as a backstop to the solar panel. You then can adjust the solar panel to any angle to get the most sun on the panel. It works great.

  4. I have the same, the thing i do not like is i can not choose if i want to have the display on all the time, it is black after 5 minutes and if i want to get the display on again i have to press off on the USB so the charging is off and then turn It on again, really stupid and then you only have 5 minutes again.
    The display is nice but too small.
    I like the Goal Zero display much better, but is much more expensive and take ages to charge…

  5. I have never used solar before. I am considering a 14' tandem utility trailer as a camper. I am not going offroad with it. That's the setup I want because I plan on bringing my motorcycle with me. I will have solar, so your show will help me make a decision on which system will be better for me. Enjoyed the show today Phil. Take care and stay healthy. Vaughn

  6. I liked your review. Hey i like that the top of the case is shaped like a TV trey…could you set your drink on top while you chillax outdoors, run a fan and charge your electronics. That would make a kool video. " Echoflow ultimate TVTrey" lol….#Down2Mob!!!!!!

  7. I really like ur content but when it comes to the reviews they are as basic as they come, for anyone interested I recommend checking out will prowses channel to get some real information on these units and what they're really able to do ..

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