1. ..unbelievable, 5:39, we have the exact same architecture for about the same price for the same type of people, here in Bozeman Montana. Out of state what-have-you rich or tech employees driving the price of affordable housing thru the roof. I’m not overstating it when I say that housing is a HUGE issue here. Our homeless population is growing, trailer courts are slowly being phased out, rentals increasingly getting more expensive, most people work harder for less to enjoy the expensive β€˜view-tax. Change for the worse. Just a rant on this beautiful early spring day. Also, I fricken love your channel!

  2. 17:12
    "signs of an empire in decline"
    I honestly believe that the United States will not exist in 30 years. Pretty soon, people are going to get so fed up with the governments incessant bullshit that it will spark a civil war, and the country will split up "fall of Rome"-style. "Empire in decline" is honestly the best way to describe this country.

  3. 26:33 We have a front-row seat! =] George would be happy with the pandemic we're having lol. Dude its insane. You remind me of my friend that passed away last year, Saw a youtube interview with you and you kind of look-alike, he was a tattoo artist for a little while and had quite a bit of ink and then you mention how you hopped a lot of trains, which he did. Wish he was still alive I would have shown him your stuff and you would have loved it

  4. "It's not just one flower – it's composed of dozens upon dozens of tiny flowers inside of that central inflorescence, the central flower head, which is called the capitula in the sunflower family. And those little spikes on the side are called the phyllaries, remember, and the whole mass of the phyllaries is the involucre. Anyway, the important thing to know about this is, this is supposedly a very good treatment for ass rashes."
    I love your style, man. Keep it up!

  5. my mind keeps up with your discombobulated attention span quite easily but I wonder how many calories I burn doing it..humanity is gone to shit "oh look! Fennel!" oh was that an Izuzu Rodeo by chance? I could use the knob off the heat /cool selector on the dash..

  6. Capitalism is making you shit on the street in the least capitalist state in the USA πŸ€“ Pampas grass is satan in plant form. It’s really hardy and sends those rhizomes into the ground everywhere and the leaves are razor sharp and was brought here by lame transplants who wanted something pretty in their garden.

  7. I really appreciate your knowledge in botany and love your social commentary lol. Anybody who would take offense to your take on shit is somebody who would probably annoy the fuck outa me πŸ˜„. Saying what's up from L.A.C. Southern CA.

  8. "Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth."
    People on the ground know what is true. fat-cats can pretend like they run the world but at the end of the day the country rules the king more than the king rules the country.

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