The great death of insects | DW Documentary (ecology documentary)

Insects are dying out and scientists and environmentalists are sounding the alarm. Our film team meets entomologists, farmers, scientists, chemical companies …



  1. Fantastic video and it shows what too many people have done to our mother earth and the lack of respect please keep showing and making these documentaries they are the real story we need to see and use media such as this to educate and reform peoples greedy attitudes and it shows all people still need to learn so much about the real life, Thank you for this very, very nice.

  2. In Tennessee we have tons of bugs! Spiders, wasps, lady bugs, japanese beetles, dragonflies, ticks etc etc. In the summer, my yard was full of dragonflies flying back and forth (I like dragonflies). In my garage a few days ago, there was millions of lady bugs and I raised both doors to release them. I have noticed in the last few years the Monarch butterflies have disappeared.

  3. its not just farm changes the problem is mutch bigger, i live in rural north scotland and all the insects in wild unchanged scotland started disapeareing since the end of the 1980,s, all our salmon and wild trout are in deep trouble as the insects are % 99 of there food

  4. Say what you like about Haiti BUT I was stunned by the number of Bats hunting flying insects around the football stadium in the very heart of the capital Porto Prinz.
    Reminded me of the 70s in Kent ,England….no more.
    A bit like the squashed Hedgehogs …gone

  5. I think the spurge hawk moth IS poisonous ,not just faking it ?… The majority of Spurges /Euphorbias are really quite toxic so not many can hack their tricky latex…
    In the Canaries there is E balsamifera ,they call Tabaiba Dulce …which is sweet and has been used as chewing gum…I never tried!
    E canariensis is strong enough to stun fish!!!

  6. I have no doubt that our hexapod invertebrate cohabitants were not mentioned with a single syllable during the concoction of the ''Aldrich Plan'' – at the gathering in the 'Jekyll Island Club' in November 1910, when this nefarious scheme brought the American people (and the world), the infamous ''Federal Reserve Act'' . . . . .

  7. Stop building houses and roads as not only does it cause flooding but building on the wildlife habitat causes wildlife to live closer to humans causing yet more wildlife to human diseases. Gardens too are getting smaller so no room for growing anything in turn no insects either in fact our world is being destroyed by houses and concrete because of too higher population of humans. Is our planet also fighting back with this present Coronavirus by destroying human life and is this the first of many more.

  8. I live in a small rural community, sadly, they have replaced soft yellow street lights with very bright white LED lights to save energy, but these lights are having a negative effects on both insects, plants and trees…this was a great documentary, thank you !!

  9. Currently USA supermarkets stock a large variety of large and amazingly uniform apples. Corporate agro-industry will not share the specific nature of these genetic mutation used to create such an excessive yield other than to say “”Your apples don't turn brown anymore..” They are leaving out subtle modifications that destroy species diversity.. These apples lack nuance in taste and nutrients and have a very hard skin, impervious to worm infestation. This is a good thing for maximum prophets but at what expense to the environment or the future? The skin on an increasing variety of apples has become tough and almost uneatable..Europe is right to not let USGMU produce in… As of 2020.

  10. Not a single mention of pesticides. It's not true that birds and insects can't live around monoculture. It's the poisons we're covering the fields with, the fake chemical fertilizers and harmful GMO crops that are destroying food for insects, birds, and for us.

  11. The small apple criticism is a red herring. The scientists were too thorough in their pollination, requiring a thinning of small apples to let the others grow big. So more labor for the same result as with bees. The seedless nutrition aspect may be valid, but I want to see more data on that.

  12. The effect of microwave radiation emitted by cell-phone towers and other technologies has been poo-pooed as a cause. The emphasis on chemicals (herbicides, pesticides) is a smoke-screen. Activists have become addicted to the boogie man of pesticides. Some of the activists are funded by foundations controlled by techies or tech companies.

  13. Dear DW Documentary
    All One World Government
    Leaders Commitment,
    OWG Citizens Assistance,
    Who do we have as most innovative masters and hungry to show abilities? We need to unhook immediately from any product that contaminates mother earth. As we do please understand we need a safe replacement each with renewal in mind for our planet including all life forms, plus. Timed track travel to relace motorized transport. I want to include a two person pump hand cart on railroads for taxi, commercial service. What about magnetics for boat travel. That would be fun to do for skiing. Even the megaships would benefit. Airplanes of all types for a few examples. We need scientists, chemists and maybe a couple of other fields to cancel out harming fertilizers and/or figuring out all the culprits. Why ain't there laws to forbid anything unhealthy? There is always a healthy counterpart. We need more than a serious clean up and a universal maintenance law so once we do get our planet back in shape all we have to do is maintain it accordingly. The insects will know and appreciate what we are doing for them as well as other life forms. Why are human foods full of highly questionable ingredients? All wildlife from air to sea eat this as well. Global purity law, y'all! All consumer goods and services need readdressing. We can develop a computer grid to return any unfriendly dust, seed or (???) back to area it came from. Build underground water filtration units for collection, filtered for reuse in home or out. Make sure any garden implements are safe to handle and use. We need a Presidential Seal for any health improvement and proper maintenance. An authority figure might want to seek advice from Mr. Paul Staments and crew on how to restore land and more. I don't know why homes couldn't be folded partially, for perhaps tax savings, simpler living. When on vacation fold entire home underground for protection from many elements. Proper design and innovation are the only things holding us back. Electromagnetic engines for off timed track travel which last sentence applies…I mean talk about equality. No stone or idea left unturned. Have you ever heard of a water disc capturing fish to eat. Also reworked for land and air…Proper sea cage sustainabilities for sealife. There's more…
    Thank you.
    Don Suiters
    Clearwater Florida

  14. I've noticed this, too — here in North Carolina, when I was a kid, lots of caterpillars, butterflies, night flies every year. But now I'm seeing *none*…in the same area. Same thing with birds like woodpeckers, etc.

  15. I lived in Germany for some years, and I can attest to their commitement to environmentalism as not other place I have been to. According to this documentary, since the beginning of the industrial era, Germany has seen a diminishing of about 80% in the quantity of insects… If such is the situation in Germany, I cannot imagine how it is in ohter parts of the world.

  16. Very good documentary. DW has many good ones, but the dubbing is annoying… Do you have versions in which we can hear the original language of the researchers and people instead of 2 people talking at once in different languages?

  17. I remember in my childhood every raining season there's a surge of Beetle populations (we call them salaguinto and salagubang) we collect them and make fun with them, there could be at least a hundred in one tree, now they're very rare the last one I've seen was in 2016.

  18. When, in 1984, I bought and moved into my current house/home, the rear garden had been “planned” for minimal maintenance. Consequently, there were few insects or birds which dropped in for a bite or to quench their thirsts. I immediately set about reversing this ecological and entomological wasteland. I pulled up all the decorative, though useless, plants recently shoved into the soil by the properties vendors. I bought two huge lengths of sycamore trunks and placed them vertically right at the back of two deep flower beds. Other than that I left the garden to weathering and regular feeding with manure and digging over the soil. In my shed I bred 1,000’s and 1,000’s (probably hundreds of thousands) of mealworms, handfuls of which I’d sprinkle over the soil together with wild flower seeds…words from many “a little birdie” soon heralded a deluge of birds as spring and summer came hundreds of the uneaten or defecated seeds sprang up splattering the garden with vibrant colours and smells to which the insect world would dance hypnotically and lead a pheromone swarm of bees to pollinate everything. 2BCon…

  19. We have had to pollenate our peach trees by hand for years now… Some even have peach parties where semi drunken friends use paintbrushes to pollenate the flowers. We get way more healthy peaches this way

  20. Imagine being a Roman legion marching through the wilderness 2000 years ago. The midges, the mosquitos, the flies. It's no wonder ancient Europeans lived in long houses with smoldering fires. When we solve this problem we will have truly made the world a better place for humanity. Two steps forward one step back as they say.

  21. Spraying lethal poisons on the crop fields has nothing to do with climate change.

    Extra C02 actually promotes plant growth which would be more for insects to eat. One degree rise in temperature, ( reputed by climate changer enthusiasts,) would help wildlife in the UK and other temperate habitats and yet 80% of birds and insects gone.

  22. No one wants to say it, but the fact is there are too many people that consume too much. We are living longer, and have learned to keep people alive that in the past would have died. Maybe those people were supposed to die, its natures way of controlling population, but we have gone against that. All the countries that have over consumed, got to have those hamburgers and steaks, cheap chicken and pork, things that cost us our future. You have no idea how much land and water has been wasted on commercial animal farms to feed the world a diet that should never have been meat based.

  23. A video full of naive scientists. Even if they could convince farmers to behave in an insect-friendly way, there are still the problems of vanishing groundwater, rising climate temperatures, increased droughts, floods, and storms. Humans have been a species on the road to extinction from the very beginning, and it's foolish to think we can be saved from ourselves.

  24. man is going to destroy his self, just like he destroyed God planet, called earth, all you made which is computers, planes, cars and cell phone, when you stave to death, you will be begging God for help.

  25. All life on earth is paying an extremely high price for a bastard race like ours exist. I'm not going to have children, nor my own or adopted. Ever. This is the best i can do, sadly i eat meat, but i'm not that strong to take that out of my life either, what i do to not harm earth more than necessary i respect animals, when i find a hurt bird i take care of it until it can fly, insects too when they are stuck in some water pound i help them. I get food for birds, like 200 pound a month. This is the best i can do. Humanity will probably die out, this statement is obvious, but for our species to die (man i just wish humanity disapeared already) many other species will pay the price and will go extinct. People having 5.. 6 children, this is just pathetic, absurd, ultrageous. Those 5 6 will become 30 in 20 years, and 90 in another 20 and so on. I barely see bees in my town anymore, the trees we have at home have their flowers dying because no bee reached them. Everything is done to make crop profit even more, cattle too, I wish i had a time machine so i could see how earth looked like without humans, It was probably a paradise.

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