The great death of insects | DW Documentary (ecology documentary)

Insects are dying out and scientists and environmentalists are sounding the alarm. Our film team meets entomologists, farmers, scientists, chemical companies …



  1. Fantastic video and it shows what too many people have done to our mother earth and the lack of respect please keep showing and making these documentaries they are the real story we need to see and use media such as this to educate and reform peoples greedy attitudes and it shows all people still need to learn so much about the real life, Thank you for this very, very nice.

  2. Agenda 21/2030 sustainability programmes. Georgia guidestones. Bill Gates' Ted talk regarding Co2 where he openly calls for and encourages popn reduction.

    Chemtrails, GMOs, pesticides, habitat destruction, EMF.

  3. Fantastic Video, I live down in SW Germany and feed the birds at work! a small strip of ground between the rear end of workshop and a builders Yard , Just 2m wide and maybe 50m long , I have dozens of birds each day and as many as 200 when it snows, ( My work colleagues think i am crazy)
    I walk each waking moment ( when not at work) walking the meadows and woods with camera,s in hand ( as much as 25k in summer direct from work til dark)
    Whats nicer than photos of flowers, butterflies all other insects , birds. deer Oh and in June families of fox,s dancing the meadows chasing June kafer Beatle
    Thank you for this Documentary

  4. Monsanto was given free reign to instigate the many illegal actions that led up to this tragic debacle – by the courts. Once they were in position, they bought up nearly all of the anti GMO websites, and nullified the rest with dirty tricks.

  5. I think they should also research the effects of pulsed microwave radiation emitted by the wireless communications industry. This has profound effects on human DNA that people are not being told, so it stands to reason it would also affect insects. After all most insects have antenna's and all biological lifeforms are electrically sensitive. The decline seems to correlate with the ever increasing introduction of cellphone and other high frequency and microwave technology.

  6. CUT ALL SUBSIDIES TO FOSSIL FUEL DON'T INVEST IN POISON☠⛽ THANK YOU GREAT FILM. I learnt about this from a local farmer in the1970s 🤑☠⛽👔☠ with OIL BANKING ruling we have will have more MASS EXTINCTION. Time for change thank you for all the work you are doing😊💚 #buzzofftoxic

  7. All for mans' convience, and status symbol. They have been screaming this since the 1960's, but still we ignore this fact. We are a creation of life, we did not create this thing called, "Life." So stop destroying it. Also, stop blaming gov't then drive around in one of the biggest problem to climate change.

  8. I am all for biodiversity, but the experiment with hand pollination is misleading. Natural pollination does not pollinate EVERY blossom, as they did with the hand pollination. Pollinate 35% of the blossoms by hand for a more fair comparison, or simply spray the pollen instead of meticulously getting every single blossom.

  9. Herbicides and insecticides are a much larger problem than climate. No insects means, no life our property ten years ago teamed with all sorts of insects. Then a commercial dairy Full Circle Dairy expanded and everything has changed. The predominate insect now is the common housefly which breeds on the dairy pollution. We are all dead well our kids a going to die off prematurely, it’s a fact just deal with it.

  10. The reason may very well be because of the "Chemtrailing" that has been going on for the past, 50-60 or More Years. Actually the Chemtrailing program has been increased in the past several year's. There killing the planet. I don't have to tell you. When the bugs go, so do we😡

  11. I live in south florida and i can tell you this: I rarely see,hear, observe or what have you kinda in order from top to bottom
    Bees – wasps yellow jackets honey bees etc
    Birds , the morning chirp ( virtually none)
    Praying mantis etc etc
    However every once in awhile a honey bee will land on me and the bee acts retarted ( no pun intended) andvi gently place him to a safe place.
    I do hear ROOSTERS HOWEVER "roosting" at 2 or 3pm in the afternoon , however NEVER, EVER BEFORE DAWN and jokingly call the rooster " the retarted rooster" and have had this expierence with different roosters in different areas like 3 times?!.
    I know jack- S&$T about roosters so anyone please "enlighten me" lol
    Around my job's location we also have an exotic looking "homeless chicken" that runs around place to place trying to hustle FOOD!
    Its the strangest things-events etc i have seen ever!
    Its probabally just in history happened before and not wierd at all!
    What scares me is these GENETICALLY MODIFIED MOSQUITOES MADE IN THE LAB and released in the MIAMI AREA A FEW YEARS AGO…like 1million were born in labs and released to combat SEKA or something reproducing…
    I dunno just my observations

  12. thank you for the documentary i have been waiting for that shows the huge loss we all face if we continue extermination of the very species that gave rise to terrestrials. as a child i remember spending hours in fields of insects in the '60's and have worried about the silent springs summers and dead landscapes left by monsanto/bayeretal for decades. stop the terminators of life – bankrupt them before they bankrupt all in this ecocide

  13. BAYER/MONSANTO! by design! combined with deliberate dumbing down of education system. No child today has a clue!! two generations back WE KNEW!!. The dumb old farmers knew exactly what was happening but then they were just " dumb ol farmers" before they became "the people who destroyed the environment" NO ONE would listen to us!!!. Funny how the caretakers of the land for generations and centuries kept a beautiful landscape> then Enter MONSANTO stage left. and destroy everything wilst making billions and blaming "the farrmers", and backed 100% by the governments of the world. ONeday the truth shall out! The middlmen hijacked the entire farming and goods to market system!

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