The beautiful future of solar power | Marjan van Aubel

The sun delivers more energy to earth in one hour than all of humanity uses in an entire year. How can we make this power more accessible to everyone, everywhere? Solar designer Marjan van Aubel shows how she’s turning everyday objects like tabletops and stained glass windows into elegant solar cells — and shares her vision to make every surface a power station.

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  1. Another feel good vision of the future. This one driven by feminist ideology it seems. It won’t provide the energy at the cost we need to prevent poverty and decline. We need energy that can drive our industrial processes and agricultural needs, not turn on lights.

  2. I think both the climate deniers and the Greens work together, to stop people thinking up a real solution. Climate deniers have such stupid arguments that they can be easily dismissed, which means Greens can be self righteous just fending off idiots. But that leaves their own brand of idiocy, never thinking through whether renewables could work.

  3. What happens when you use the table as …a table and put stuff on it. Do you have to clear the table to power up your phone?
    I do admire Amsterdam Women (a bit of a sexist name) for thinking about solar energy and how to integrate it in our lives not only Amsterdam women should do that we all should do that I'm sure some ideas would be practical and useful.

  4. Solar does not meet the demands in extreme weather, is not biodegradable, causes toxins to make or destroy and the new size of hail will cost millions in replacements…who is getting rich ?…aint the average joe!!! Agenda 2030 your death sentence

  5. Her work is amazing, that is the question that always in my mind "why solar panels have dark navy in color?", "Do solar panels should always in a rectangular shape?". And yeah suddenly I found this video, I really support what she has done in designing a solar panel

  6. So you can produce DC power for a phone using your ideas. What about AC power? And last time I checked, solar panels are really inefficient when level with the ground and when perpendicular to the ground. I can still hear the electrical engineers chuckling in the distance.

  7. You are very creative and imaginative. I have never seen such beautifully designed solar panels before. The table charging station and the transparent solar windows are brilliant ideas. Imagine if everyone had them to charge up their phone and other electronic devices, how much energy that will save. You give me hope that working together we can solve the energy crisis.

  8. I get sick and tiered of this word sustainable …
    It's overused, a LIE and thought up by people who can't see the polution lurking at the end…
    Thought up by people who spend the majority of their lives INSIDE!?!

  9. Nuclear is the only way. Making the US 100% solar energy would be 24 trillion dollars not including the massive amount of batteries needed. The amount of mining to manufacturing these panels would cost too much for the environment as well.

  10. Let's face the truth: Solar is a wonderful solution for remote places and for portability, it isn't the solution for sustainable energy. They cost quite a lot of resource to make and aren't very efficient. These panels are hard and costly to recycle.

  11. Lunacy. She is ignoring the embodied energy of the materials, all of her projects will use more energy than they produce in their lifetime I'd wager. Solar panels need to be south facing, angled correctly for their latitude and placed in full sun. Theres also no point conserving a little water to grow plants inside a steel, plastic and glass building that took tons of CO2 to produce.

  12. Hey great content, amazing work!
    U should look into suncontract, they are a decentralized energy market, u can have ur solar on some place at your country and send it to your house or flat in the city (currently active in Slovenia and Italy this year, but working on more partnerships and expanding in EU and Asia)

  13. the design aspect is nice but obviously has no experience with hydroponics, Using a clear container and tubing with hydroponics will very quickly become an experiment in growing algae.

  14. It’s going to take more time but it can happen if battery technology improves. They have to be cheap . Governments have to start giving back the taxes they collect on resources companies. We could use the carbon bucks to buy solar panels . Taxing the people just shows how little they care.

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