Boyan Slat talks up his latest invention, The Interceptor

The founder and CEO of The Ocean Cleanup spoke with CNET’s Stephen Beacham about his latest endeavor to catch plastic pollution in rivers across the world. [ad_2]

Co-Founder Andrew Cooper Talks All Things 4ocean

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Florida Divers Set Guinness World Record for Largest Ocean Floor Cleanup

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Can this massive invention save our oceans? – Behind the News

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Ocean Conservancy Invites You to #SuitUptoCleanUp

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First look at the new North Sea Prototype | Research | Boyan Slat | The Ocean Cleanup

A day ahead of the offshore installation of the new North Sea Prototype, The Ocean Cleanup’s Founder & CEO Boyan Slat gives a guided tour of the test piece. [ad_2]


Today, we’re chatting about the plastic ocean pollution, our worlds reality. In Comoros we have conducted beach clean ups. Where does all this plastic pollution … [ad_2]

Expedition to measure plastic in Great Pacific Garbage Patch departs | The Ocean Cleanup

08-12-2015 – Most of the Mega Expedition has now left Honolulu. Subscribe to our channel: This month, around 30 vessels embark on a 30 … [ad_2]

Ocean Cleaning Seabin Can Run On Wind, Solar, Or Wave Power

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Is the Ocean Cleanup Array viable? | 2013 Global Dialogue on Waste

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Our Mission

4ocean is an ocean cleanup company on a mission to protect the ocean and spread awareness about the plastic pollution crisis. Because of 4ocean supporters, … [ad_2]

Interview with Boyan Slat on plastic pollution and his Ocean Cleanup initiative

Interview with Mr. Boyan Slat, Founder of the Ocean Cleanup initiative, on plastic pollution and how he wants to clean the oceans. The interview was conducted … [ad_2]