This Is How We Clean Our Oceans!

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Can this massive invention save our oceans? – Behind the News

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20 Year Old Boy Genius Has Invented a Machine to Clean the Oceans | Mango News

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Cleaning our oceans: a big plan for a big problem

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Boyan Slat: Combatting Plastic Pollution in the World’s Oceans

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Iridium helps rid the world’s oceans of plastic

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19-year-old figures out how to save our oceans

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4ocean Hosts Cleanup at Daytona Beach for World Oceans Day

4ocean hosted a cleanup at Daytona Beach, FL for World Oceans Day. Over 200 people volunteered in the cleanup and were able to pull over 500 pounds of … [ad_2]

Australian ‘Seabins’ cleaning our oceans

An Australian invention that is cleaning up our oceans is launching a global drive for investors. [ad_2]

HACK – The Aussie invention cleaning up plastic from our oceans

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4ocean Hosts Cleanup in Haiti for World Oceans Day

4ocean hosted a beach cleanup in Haiti for World Oceans Day, pulling 4750 pounds of trash. [ad_2]

Ocean Cleaning Seabin Can Run On Wind, Solar, Or Wave Power

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