7 Sustainable Living Ideas

7 sustainable living ideas to make your home more eco-friendly. INSTRUCTIONS: ___ ECO-FRIENDLY PROJECTS: Japanese String Garden – 0:51 DIY Natural All-Purpose Household Cleaner – 2:01 Moth Repellent Sachets – 2:44 DIY Recycled Seed Starter Pots – 3:39 ___ CONNECT WITH KIN COMMUNITY Subscribe here: Facebook: Pinterest: Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat: Your source for new skills,… Continue reading 7 Sustainable Living Ideas

Backyard Gardening & Sustainable Agriculture

A description of backyard gardening practices and sustainable agriculture used here at D Acres www.DAcres.org D Acres is a non-profit Permaculture Farm & Educational Homestead located in Dorchester, NH. D Acres researches, applies and teaches skills of sustainable living and small-scale organic farming.  Striving to improve the human relationship to the environment, the center functions… Continue reading Backyard Gardening & Sustainable Agriculture

Conservation Farming and Sustainability, Missoula, Montana

Helen Atthowe, Missoula County Extension Agent (Missoula, Montana) talks about the farming techniques she used near Stevensville, Montana. She calls it “Conservation Farming”. Helen is well known in the Missoula area, not just as the Missoula county extension agent, but also as one of the most popular vendors at the Missoula farmers Market / Missoula… Continue reading Conservation Farming and Sustainability, Missoula, Montana

Growing a Sustainable Garden

The EcoGarden is designed to give back to nature and show people how easy it is to go green in their own backyard. All you need to remember is to plant, feed and protect to grow your own sustainable garden. [ad_2]

How to Plant Fruit Trees (EASY)

How to Plant Fruit Trees is Easy, learn to avoid future problems by following simple planning guide, which is steps by step before you plant. Whatever the size of your backyard, you can grow beautiful, productive fruit trees in your garden. This video Hollis shares with you how he goes about planting fruit trees. Bonemeal… Continue reading How to Plant Fruit Trees (EASY)


Why is the Brazilian Amazon being Destroyed? In many tropical countries, the majority of deforestation results from the actions of poor subsistence cultivators. However, in Brazil only about one-third of recent deforestation can be linked to “shifted” cultivators. Historically a large portion of deforestation in Brazil can be attributed to land clearing for pastureland by… Continue reading AMAZON RAINFOREST DESTRUCTION DEFORESTATION – BRAZIL – HELP AMAZONIA!!!!