Boyan Slat talks up his latest invention, The Interceptor

The founder and CEO of The Ocean Cleanup spoke with CNET’s Stephen Beacham about his latest endeavor to catch plastic pollution in rivers across the world. [ad_2]

Can this massive invention save our oceans? – Behind the News

A massive project is now underway to start cleaning up the Pacific Ocean. A giant tube is being towed out to a giant patch of garbage where around 1.8 trillion … [ad_2]

20 Year Old Boy Genius Has Invented a Machine to Clean the Oceans | Mango News

Boyan Slat invented ocean cleanup project began as a high school project. He, along with his friend Nguyen Tan, developed this project that won many awards … [ad_2]

Met deze nieuwe methode wordt plastic uit de oceaan halen makkelijker

Het opruimen van de immense drijvende plastic afvalsoep in de Stille Oceaan gaat eerder en sneller gebeuren, zei Ocean Cleanup-oprichter Boyan Slat … [ad_2]

First look at the new North Sea Prototype | Research | Boyan Slat | The Ocean Cleanup

A day ahead of the offshore installation of the new North Sea Prototype, The Ocean Cleanup’s Founder & CEO Boyan Slat gives a guided tour of the test piece. [ad_2]

College Dropout Planning To Completely Clean The Ocean

Shortly after dropping out of college, Boyan Slat gave a TED Talk called “How the Oceans Can Clean Themselves,” and it went viral. He won several awards, … [ad_2]

Plan emerges to clean up Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Read the story: Ocean Cleanup … [ad_2]

Expedition to measure plastic in Great Pacific Garbage Patch departs | The Ocean Cleanup

08-12-2015 – Most of the Mega Expedition has now left Honolulu. Subscribe to our channel: This month, around 30 vessels embark on a 30 … [ad_2]

A Plan to Make Cleaning Oceans Profitable

One 19-year old’s plan to clean up ocean trash has many people turning their heads. The question is: Will it work? “The Ocean Cleanup” founder and president … [ad_2]

The Ocean Cleanup – nog 10 dagen + geschenk van Anam Cara

info: Geschenkenbon op Anam Cara website: … [ad_2]

The Ocean Cleanup Project, Botham Jean, & Redacted Tonight

A special report on the Ocean Cleanup Project, which could be the largest pollution cleanup project in history. Serena Williams sparks an international debate in … [ad_2]

Is the Ocean Cleanup Array viable? | 2013 Global Dialogue on Waste

Find updated content and more information about connecting with our panelists: … [ad_2]

Boyan Slat: the man who went out to clean the oceans

As a teen, Boyan Slat was scuba diving in Greece and shocked to see more plastic than fish in the ocean. Amazed that no-one made an attempt to fight pollution, … [ad_2]

Ocean Cleanup and Parkland (Alina@Bruderhof)

I don’t want to be the cynic that says things can’t change. [ad_2]