Enlil Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

ENLİL is a smart vertical axis wind turbine project that transforms highways into renewable energy sources by using the dynamics of the city. It also provides comfort and safety to the city thanks to the build-in sensors and an intelligent platform. By placing the hybrid vertical axis wind turbine (inclueding a solar panel on top… Continue reading Enlil Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Star Tides #4: Solar Cookers

Our last series on the Star Tides expo in Washington continues with technology available for emergency crisis and disaster relief. VOA’s Carolyn Turner talked with solar cookers international about their exhibit displaying how to cook with only the sun. [ad_2]

ITS Heat Pump – Installed by SolarWorX

In this video I cover heat pumps and a basic understanding of how they work. Saving electricity is a key bonus of using this technology. ITS heat pump new technology patented loading valve Install by SolarWorX – thermostatic mixing valve blending valve www.itssolar.co.za www.itsheatpumps.co.za/ www.oneenergy.co.za – Heat pump technology is one of the cutting edge… Continue reading ITS Heat Pump – Installed by SolarWorX