Co-Founder Alex Schulze Talks All Things 4ocean

4ocean is a team of people working towards a cleaner and healthier ocean. Everyone involved has made it their mission to leave the world better than they … [ad_2]

Co-Founder Andrew Cooper Talks All Things 4ocean

4ocean is the company with a team of people working together towards a cleaner ocean. ABOUT 4OCEAN Check out the site: Our story: … [ad_2]

4ocean Hosts Cleanup at Daytona Beach for World Oceans Day

4ocean hosted a cleanup at Daytona Beach, FL for World Oceans Day. Over 200 people volunteered in the cleanup and were able to pull over 500 pounds of … [ad_2]

Vanessa's Wish to Clean Up the Ocean – Make-A-Wish Southern Florida

Vanessa is a teen who has never let her illness stop her from making an impact. While she battles cancer in her home country of Canada, her dream was to help … [ad_2]

Meet Jake Russell – Unit 8 Cleanup Crew

Jake, a 4ocean cleanup crew member, explains the types of trash that’s cleaned up out of Florida’s waterways on a daily basis. All crew members like Jake are … [ad_2]

4ocean Bali boats full of ocean plastic


4ocean Bali panga crews cleaning the ocean one pound at a time


4ocean Hosts Cleanup in Haiti for World Oceans Day

4ocean hosted a beach cleanup in Haiti for World Oceans Day, pulling 4750 pounds of trash. [ad_2]

4ocean Community Cleanup Events | Josh Rosen Joins Daytona Beach Cleanup

Pro footballer Josh Rosen joins the 4ocean Community Cleanups Team for a beach cleanup in Daytona, Florida. Learn more at Did you … [ad_2]

Our Mission

4ocean is an ocean cleanup company on a mission to protect the ocean and spread awareness about the plastic pollution crisis. Because of 4ocean supporters, … [ad_2]

How Two Surfers Are Cleaning Up The Ocean

Two young surfers with a passion and draw to the ocean reached a point where enough was enough when it came to ocean trash so they decided to do … [ad_2]

Is the 4ocean bracelet a scam?

Technically, no. But its marketing is highly misleading. EDIT: 4ocean has responded to this video. Here’s my response to the response: … [ad_2]