Sustainable Farming Methods: Cover Crops & Strip-till, Row Covers, and Pest Scouting

Jenifer Tillman and Jason Lilley talk about their joint horticulture research projects about cover crops & strip-till, row covers, and pest scouting.



  1. I can already tell you what you did you kill your micros just looking at your soil tells me it's about dead! Yall need to lay down some tarps on top of your cover crops it will die and the worms will eat it and shit if it is hot it will not take but a little time. The worm shit will make your soil black that is what you want

  2. Hi,I'm a Spanish farmer.
    I'm intereses un the roller crimper technique.I'm sorry for my English.
    I would like to know.until the mínimo height control the lolium.
    for example 10 centimeters,Provided that this ear.

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