Sustainable Agriculture | Urban Farming Tour

Growing food in the city where people live is critical to a more sustainable agriculture system. Today’s video is an urban farming tour of Benison Farm which is a volunteer based farm that grows enough food to sell 50% & donate 50% of its produce to the local community. This inspirational example of growing food in the city proves that we can all grow food no matter where we live and what our knowledge base is.

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Operation Attack:

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  1. I love the content and information from your videos, especially since I also live in SW FL. Very relevant information. I only wish you had a different microphone because the volume fluctuates during your video going from very low to very loud. Thank you for your videos and keep em coming!!

  2. You should do a EAT THE WEEDS of Florida video , there are lots you can eat that grow all over the place .. Shephards needle and this new one that grows everywhere Virginia Pepperweed There's a ton more..

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