Solar Power Plants | The Next Big Thing?

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  1. A correction: When I compared solar to nuclear and coal power, it would have been more fair to use the MWh metric instead of peak power in MW. Reason being that MWh would account for energy solar losses at night, and losses during sunrise/set. With that noted, the largest nuclear/ coal plants still have a far greater output when averaged out. Apologies for this oversight.

  2. Please stop this you will kill the planet trying to go full solar is a mistake solar is inefficient, unreliable, more expensive and toxic your ignoring all of the downsides the only thing you talked about was the toxic material used but you never once talk about how horrible the batteries are for the environment and all the mining and production/ carbon costs you never once talked about how big a problem theses land fills will get if we go full solar keep in mind right now we only use around 2-4% solar you never once talked about places that have tried going full green like Europe which has constant energy stagnations due to droughts and surges and still has to use it's coal plants and where are we going to put all that toxic waste people complain about nuclear even though solar creates far more toxic granted not radioactive but is watched much more carefully unlike solar which just ends up in 3rd world countries because we only care for what we can see going green is not green at least not at this point we need to focus more on what we already have carbon and nuclear I get it that they both have there problems but many can be solved by innovation we have worked on many new amazing environmental jumps for carbon like carbon filters to catch the carbon before it enters the atmosphere we have plants that can literally remove carbon from the air and turn it into fuel we have made huge jumps in making the most of what we have cars are more efficient factorys that are more efficient we have new ways of extracting cleaner energy fracking which removes natural gas which burns much cleaner and no it doesn't pollute the ground water look I don't hate the environment I don't hate you I just think maybe we should step back for a moment and say hey what will be the long term effects of this and learn from Europe and China and Japan mabye we need to wait longer for the technology to advance mabye we need to learn better ways to do this on a large scale thank you for your time and I wish you best of luck

  3. you talk about peak power output in MW and refer to it as energy. That is not accurate. Solar is intermittent. Energy output over a 24hr period is far less than equivalent coal or nuclear plant.

  4. Solar power plants will never produce enough energy to replace the current energy level we are using. Solar power plants end up taking up 50 mi.² to produce the same energy from a traditional power plant in harm the environment.

  5. Everyone that thinks coal is BAD ! should stop to consider the fact that so far the world has lost one huge area in Russia as a result of a screw up at a nuclear plant. The world has come close to loosing two more cities and land to nuclear power plant problems. In addition we can all take note of the fact that right now the worlds people are spending a good bit of time thinking about what to do with North Korea as a result of them getting the tech. to build just one nuclear power plant . They now use the heavy water to allow them to make nuclear bombs. No cities in the history of mankind have ever been lost as a result of coal power. Further more an ultra simple solution to the Coal is Bad problem has come about by using volcanic rock to filter the emissions from a coal powered electrical generation plant. Next the massive problem of getting rid of the used radioactive material that nuclear power gives us. The garbage from the nuclear power plants could easily cause even more area's of earth to be no go zones for untold numbers of years. As for solar yes this video is right about the problems with waste from the production of the panels. Then there is the problem of what to do with old worn out panels. Sure right now the people have made just a tiny faction of the number of panels and batteries that are needed collect and store the power but in time think about what will have to be done with those old batteries and panels . I think the solution to most of the energy problems people think they have is for everyone to go camping old time style . No electronics no electrical anything . Try that for a couple of weeks a year and then see how free and relaxed you will be without the ball and chain that is the cell phone and the TV . People will I think come home and say I am going to get my phone service to provide me with nothing but 911 connections and leave the rest of the garbage behind. People will start to demand that the city they live in plant more trees. Trees along side the highways and down the middle of the separation of the multilane highways and really just nice cooling air cleaning trees planted all over. Turn every city into a place that people will call the urban forest. They will no longer refer to the city as the concrete jungle . Just my thoughts on the matter.

  6. Why solar power when power is all around us? Why transform sun's heat when we live in an ocean of energy that has no end, because it is continually produced? Do fish pay for the water they swim in? Read Tesla and see who wanted to make you pay for energy!!!!

  7. This is AWESOME! We talk about this stuff on our channel.

    Estamos basados en México, y en Invictus estamos buscando cambiar a la mayoría de los hogares e industrias a energía 100% renovable!

    Si te interesa este tema, pasa por nuestro canal!

  8. So they will make a truck… That's good. For some time now I've been figuring "If Tesla really wants to make money, they'll make a viable ( )1/2-ton LUV fleet-truck.". And they plan to make Class-8 semi-tractors & buses as well? Makes me look forward to the first luxury EV motor-home, built with fixed roof-top & retractable solar panels, all powering the EM-induction cook-top, water-heater & washer/clothes-dryer. Add a water collection system with reverse-osmosis treatment & UV-sterilizing,

  9. it's real simple in 2013/2014 the IMF and the World Bank stopped investing/lending in carbon-based power plants .. around 2015 Jamaica (wanting a new power plant for the whole island) found a private investor out of Brazil to do a carbon plant, but that investor wanted rates that would recover it's investment in 10 years (essentially tripling) Jamacia's rates. Unless you can just write a check (as in China), worldwide capital has dried up for carbon-based power plants. PV and solar utility-scale plants have many success especially when you factor in the daily free delivery (earth's rotation) and free fuel (no one owns sunlight) for the future of solar energy

  10. Solar energy is not fully green and we should not be concerned about it. Even if it is little better than fossil, we should welcome it. Fortunately, solar is much greener compared to fossil. Every year our planet needs additional 120 GW of energy. If solar can fill this increase in energy demand, that will be a great achievement as it will stop growth of additional fossil plants. Replacing 6000 GW of current global fossil energy by solar is a long way to go.

  11. Lithium & Cobalt waste products…..Mining activities….Solar panel production and chemical waste ……..Needs sunlight, so location is critical….Less user end CO2 emissions.

    So, there really is no Environmentally friendly energy source in the world….Each has it's own unique set of drawbacks & limitations…..Each brings geopolitical challenges for resource procurement…..Each creates undesirable waste by-products…..Any and all, create greedy Tycoons and corrupt public officials. ……

    China has also commissioned the creation of several new coal burning power plants, with plans for more….Its real plans are calling for a diverse range of energy solutions, due to its geographic location, and its lack of domestic oil reserves….Trust me, they ain't doing it because they want to "Save the Planet".

  12. You did not convice me.
    Waste with solar panels is way up in the sky, they give up on life after approximately 25 years and you have a shit tonne of material to dispose of with no place to go.
    Nuclear power uses a barely noticable amount of space in comparison, reducing the environmental impact to a bare minimum while being virtually emission free.

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