Saving the Amazon: The fight to preserve the world's largest tropical rainforest | Four Corners

The Amazon plays a vital part in regulating the planet’s temperature. And yet, in the last year, forest destruction in the Brazilian Amazon soared by 85 per cent.

Protected trees cut down illegally are destined for common building supplies like decking and doors. Cleared land is then used to house cattle being farmed to meet the global demand for meat.

With huge profits to be made, the Amazon is a dangerous place to ask questions. Despite the threat, the Amazonian tribes want the world to hear their message.

Let Four Corners take you on an epic journey through the Brazilian Amazon to investigate.

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  1. Im a Geologist A SCIENTIST 👼🏻 AHHH bow down,& the actual science talks about millinial scale climate oscillations, where the 🌍 had 15 times the CO2 than now, which cannot be done by humans..& the earth was more green, animals/insects were bigger. CO2 is good, & not even a big greenhouse gas. So climate science is not on the side of Al Gore and the left. They dont know shit about earth science. Libertarians are the true liberals and best party by far if we’re going to get political. The ice cores of greenland and antartica show these gases drilled down thousands of years ago , down in the air bubbles. Every 1500-2000 yrs or whatever tthe 🌎 gets warm for some years, then cooler, drier, wetting, etc… man cant alter shit. CO is bad of course. And coal plants what scrub out 99.something% of the pollution or CO2. Volcanoes and water vapor (greenhouse gas) from oceans and ground water /aquifers probably decide everything. Its dumb to even worry about, leonardo is completely ignorant and his people marching in the streets

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