Renewable Energy is The Scam We All Fell For

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  1. Three Mile Island wasn't as bad as people think. It was blown out of proportion due to it being the worlds first nuclear meltdown. It was only a partial meltdown, and it was almost entirely contained. This is why the reactor is still running to this day without a hitch, and why the local area is habited again. People who bring up the TMI incident obviously have not done any research at all on the subject of energy production, and their opinions and view points should not be taken seriously.

    Chernobyl was a nuclear case of Murphy's law. There was no containment, because the people who ran the reactor thought nothing could go wrong. When the people who run the reactors think nothing can go wrong, they will run the reactor like nothing can go wrong. That means people who don't know fully what they're doing take stupid risks, running stupid tests, to please their stupid authoritarian governments. The stupid authoritarian governments who will continuously deny that there is a problem, and not work on containing the issue before it becomes a larger issue that they can't handle. Most of the world's nuclear power plants are not going to be ran like this. Most of the worlds nuclear power plants aren't going to be built with a lack of a containment building. If what happened in Chernobyl was common, then Pripyat wouldn't be as unique a city, and as large a tourist attraction to a country like fucking Ukraine, as it is.

    Fukushima was a full meltdown at a reactor ran by people who knew what they were doing, at a reactor with a containment building, in a country that has a competent government that actually worked on preventing the harmful effects of a meltdown by actually working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. And they did this in the midst of an earthquake, AND a tsunami. Parts of Fukushima city are already opening up again, as a result! People are slowly returning to their homes! There's a wild boar problem right now, but this can be handled. And this may also bring tourism to Fukushima as well considering they've got their own smaller, safer version of Pripyat in specific locations with their own kind of stunning "nature is taking this back, now" kind of beauty to them.

  2. 3 minutes in and I'm not sure where he's going with this. Too much of a dick for me to bother finding out. Going to assume this is another jack-ass who has too many subscribers demonstrating the dumbification of our planet that will kill us faster than global warming.

  3. One other thing; I was always under the impression that energies like wind and solar were meant for individual, small-scale applications. For example, my friend's cabin in the Colorado mountains has a small wind turbine, a handful of solar panels, and a battery bank with an inverter. He's responsible for his own energy production, usage, and maintenance, and it works wonderfully for him. Giant wind farms, though, attempting to generate electricity and match it to the grid, and supply power to people who aren't responsible for it, fails miserably. These things were never meant to be large systems. They work great if you know what you're doing.

  4. I live in Cheyenne, Wyoming, the wind capitol of the USA. We have 2 wind farms here. When the wind blows really hard – which it does frequently – the wind turbine rotors are locked, because the wind is blowing TOO hard. The secret is to bang the rocks together, guys.

  5. It should be noted; the closest to stable method we have for nuclear fusion is basically gotten from observing captive dolphins. One was blowing bubble rings, then shrinking them so fast that they created sparks of light just before they popped.

    If I understand correctly (I am just a leyman as it regards this), the concept works by maintaining an air bubble inside water. The amount of pressure is just enough to keep the particles inside it excited enough to create the energy needed. Unfortunately, we do not yet know how best to maintain the bubble to keep them producing energy.

  6. so you are saying wind turbines are bad? u have no brains boy. wind turbines and hydro is best most economic systems to make electricity. now u are talking about wind not blowing. well wind are connected to one large power system. so if im in California and wind is blowing in Wyoming i am still using this power.

  7. You say millions of birds are killed; but I do a lot of deliveries close to a good number of wind turbines; and I've yet to see a single bird hit one; or dead beneath one. I have however seen a bird hit a high tension cable that has been there for many years. But I should've guessed you were a nuclear lover; what about the fact that we don't know the long term effects of the shit they produce? and the fact we don't know how to get rid of the waste; up till now some muppet scientists came up with the bright idea of dumping it out to see; great idea; storing trouble for the future just as the Industrial revolution generation did.

  8. A little fact from germany (because those are german statistics):
    Around 100.000 birds die, due to wind turbines.
    In the best case cenario, cats kill about 20 million birds.
    The traffic kills about 70 million birds.
    Not to talk about windows…

  9. Imagine beeing locked in a house, that is locked for you and your family.
    Would you rather lead a car's emissions in your house so you die inevitably or have a bomb in your basement, that you need to cool down and need to look out for.

  10. You mention the two words — Nuclear Power — here in California and you will get beat up and the tires on your car slashed. Californians picture nuclear reactors as atom bombs waiting to go off and end civilization.

  11. 0.1799 euro per kwh, wow that is expensive. I pay 0.10 euro per kwh here in Australia. I couldn't imagine paying for power in Germany. I would be paying around $1000 a month for electricity if I was paying Germany's prices.

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