Rediscovering small scale farming in Switzerland (One week on a bike to visit 6 sustainable farms)

Visit of 6 small scale farms in Switzerland during a one week bike tour for the European Sustainable Development week 2018.

I was invited by the TheFairTraveller team to join them on a “Swiss fair crawl”. We cycled for a week between farms in order to document their sustainable practices.
Farms in Switzerland are still fairly small compared to the rest of Europe, and i wanted to show what human scale farming can look like when the consumers favor local production rather than imported goods.

I hope you enjoyed this short film!

Do ask questions in the comments if you have some.

Link to TheFairTraveller website:

Raphaël’s biodynamic micro farm :

To check out the farms we visited go to

Day 1 BnB Bauernhof Bisang (Kohlweid, Notwill)
Day 2 Bauenhof Bättwill, Burgdorf
Day 3 Chasseral Outdoor, La Chaux d’Abel
Day 4 Hof zur Linde, Attiswil
Day 5 Ferme des Pontets, Cormérod
Day 6 Jardins de Chivrageon, Aubonne

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  1. J’adore tes vidéos en anglais avec des mini bouts en français je ne sais pas pq, peut-être parce que y’en a pas bcp sur cette chaîne qui comprennent ces mini bouts en français ^^ (et en plus c’est en suisse ❤️🇨🇭)

  2. Liked this a lot, but why would you ridicule the woman for taking pictures or sharing them on her phone? You are riding around with your camera on a stick. Are you the only one allowed to document the trip? Seriously? Seriously? You owe her an apology.

  3. Great vid. Farmers need to be more proactive in selling there produce directly to the public This means cutting out the middle men that only take a profit for no real effort.

  4. its very relaxive seeing your videos anyway what was your job before you became a cyclist and a traveller . i cant understand how are you financing your self travelling across countries.

  5. What an incredible adventure that was! It is so important for the people NOT to lose their land, for the good of all the people! When countries start having people lose their home & land it is the beginning of the down fall of the country. So sadly the US is an example…everything for most of the people is imported now from other countries, most food & even the designer clothing is made in other countries. It is all greed that has done it! The Bible says "our own greed will take us down.) Well, here we go!!!! There is so much "hand out" to people that can't get jobs. A lot of our factory work is being done by Spanish people from Mexico (some are illegal). We are no longer the strongest power in the world!!! It is scary & very sad…we stand & watch as our leaders make changes that is ruining our country! Switzerland is beautiful & probably happy people. It looked like there are very few cars…another great thing!!!! A wonderful video of what we used to have!!!! The rise & the fall of the Roman Empire…over & over again in history, just different empires with different names!!!! We are next!!!!! And nothing any citizen of the US can do but watch!!!! We are people no different than you, most of us just want to live peacefully!!!! I'm sad, I have to go!!!!

  6. Great to see what you are up to, keep up the good work dude. If you find your self near Lauterbrunnen give us a shout. More for jumping off cliffs than riding though! Keep pedalling man.

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