Powerful Wind Generator DIY / Free Energy / Green Energy

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  1. Very impressed guys really like your style we don't need the grid .Have you thought of charging lots of leisure battery's for caravans at night to see you through the calmer wind times keep up the good work !

  2. U got yr motor from the bike, so get a disk brake from that bike as well and put it on this turbine. Whenever the wind is extreme, u can set the pressure on the disk calipers to control the turbine's rotational speed. I'm gonna try this one out, thanks for this wonderful vid pals.

  3. The power for the devices does not come from the generator but from the battery which happens to be full. It has enough energy to power a laptop and a stereo for about an hour, but then it will be dead. It might be possible to recharge the battery using the generator, but it will take forever.

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