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If you want to grow enough calories to feed yourself, what do you grow? I’m David the Good, and we’re going to take a look at the answer.

Why with cultures like the Inuit, as an extreme example, you see pretty much a lot of meat eating and not a lot of vegetables or fruits or anything else, because there’s no growing season to grow them in.

What to grow when you’re way up North.

What to grow in the Northern US.

What to grow when you hit the tropics.

Why I hate to grow grains (one for the production of calories) and what I recommend you grow instead.

The reason potatoes became favourites of the Irish.

The 3 grains I’ve grown, grinded, threshed them and made ready to eat… that made me definitely realize I never want to do it again.

The only time that I’ll openly admit that grains make sense to grow.

The one grain I DO recommend you grow, that’s extremely important for SHTF scenarios, easy to deal with, and can be used in a variety of foods… so it’s a recommend staple crop for any prepper.

If you’re further north, this recommended grain isn’t going to work for you, however there is a solution. So if you’re in Northern US, or Canada… you’ll definitely want to hear this one.

If you’re deep in the South. There is another form of grain you can grow. It makes lot of stalk, which are great for feeding animals and to use in a compost pile.

There’s another staple crop that I cover here that has kept the Indians, Settlers and pilgrims alive for a long time. And when you hear it, your mind will jump to the obvious, and it’s not that. Those are disgusting. I’m speaking of old school varieties.

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Some of these varieties will even last as long as a year on the shelf.

Making it a perfect prepper crop as well.

What traditional societies have done to get the most out of this super staple crop. Plus another handful of benefits to growing it.

The staple crop that doesn’t make sense in all situations. Plus the certain delineation for a good survivalist crop.

Depending on your region, it may not make any sense to grow.

There is a certain variety that’s more versatile based on where you grow it, however, it does take up a lot of space and resources in relation to the yield it produces. So probably only recommended should you have a good enough chunk of land to grow on.

The next staple crop is an amazing crop IF you live in the south, or up through the middle of the country.

They’re actually a tropical crop, that’s extremely nutritious for you, and doesn’t have the insulin kick it’s relative does.

Plus the hidden benefit. That almost doubles your yield from each plant. Giving you much need vitamins and nutrients should the SHTF.

Lastly the very best root that you can grow based on all survival plant profiles.

However, you do have to have the right climate, and conditions.

But if you do, they’re absolutely fantastic for the calories they produce in the amount of space required to grow them.

They’re pretty tolerant of soil conditions. They’ve handled some pretty rough ground. You can grow these things in tires, and piles of mulch for goodness sake.

If you’re too far north to grow the prepper staple crop.

Then you’ll probably want to learn how to bow hunt. Because you’ll be missing out on a massive amount of calories required for a survival situation.

Okay, a bonus crop.

It’s more of a long term investment, but once you’ve spent the time growing it…

It will pay off in massive dividends with very little upkeep. In fact, this super crop was so nutritious, and naturally occuring that it fed many of the various tribes walking around North America centuries ago.

Unfortunately, they were nearly wiped out by a blight that tore through North America, however, there are disease-resistant varieties that you can grow.



  1. I would go with underground root crops, in case there would be contaminates from biological or chemical warfare. I think the root crops may be more protected below the soil. Just a thought.

  2. Potatoes provide energy and carbohydrates, so It's the #1 crop. then beans, corn, sweet potatoes, collards, kale, carrots, squash, peanuts, wheat and eggs would also support a healthy and self-sustaining diet.

  3. I would grow potatoes. They are easy to grow and store well for an extended time. The plants themselves tend to be drought and disease resistant, require little in the way of upkeep, and can often be used for forage for animals or just composted at the end of the season, assuming you plant the correct varieties. They pack a lot of calories into a small portable package and can be cooked however you like or eaten raw a pinch.

  4. Potatoes, because I'm from THE POTATO STATE, that's Idaho for all yall preppers out there who need a history lesson…..anyways why? I'd say for ALL the carbs loaded in them….

  5. Guessing corn but gotta say that wouldn't be my choice for survival just because corn is a huge allergen for bloodtype O's and B's and one would need to stay healthy in a SHTF scenario. However, for barter it would be great both for animal feed as well as human comfort food. Personally, I avoid grains and would rather eat the weeds; they grow faster and don't get eaten by pests and would go unnoticed by most humans. Plus, you get more nutrition from them in the microgreens stage, which happens between 3-7 days and half of those days you can grow them in darkness. Hemp would be great as well, for multiple purposes including beyond food. Something like chia seeds can also be made into bread, along with other sprouts (although chia sprouts taste AWFUL but pack a huge protein punch). I would also want some sweet potatoes for my comfort food.

  6. If you can guess the food in this video that is worth more than gold in a survival situation, and why, I'll pick 1 winner in the next 24 hours, and ship you out a BPA free Stainless Steel Water Bottle on us. Get those answers in quick…

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