Mittleider Garden: Weekly Feed Fertilizer Recipe, Sustainable Gardening

Buy using the Mittleider gardening weekly feed fertilizer mixture you can have a sustainable, healthy garden. By using the weekly feed you can store a year’s supply of fertilizer in a 5 gallon bucket. You don’t need to truck in loads of manure, compost or mulch. You’ll save a ton of money and have healthier plants and easier gardening.


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  1. Seems to me after looking at a bunch of videos for the mittleider method that it is just a marketing scheme to get you to purchase a product from them….the so called “magic”………

  2. Hi LDS Prepper, I had a question regarding the fertilizer. I live in a small rural town and can only find 14-14-14. Can this be used and if so do any adjustments need to be made. Thanks in advance. – Jeremiah

  3. Petroleum is  NATURAL!    It's part of our earth's base.  No different than minerals or other earthen elements!   The difference is,, the earth dispenses petroleum in metered ways, and has a positive effect on earths flora!    In fact, for thousands of years people have been ingesting petroleum medicinally, such as turpentine, and kerosene!  And many other examples.

  4. Thanks for the video, it surprises me so many people are negative about this method. People say there is soil all around you, but it's not good growing soil. The best soil is in the river deltas where it has been deposited for ever, but that is where we put city's. From a prepared persons point of view 5 or 10 years worth of food for my family while I make good organic soil and learn how to maintain it is a good idea. Again thanks for sharing this video and putting up with the experts that have never done anything.

  5. Enjoy your videos! I want to give this method a try and I went to order the Mittleider Magic MIx on the site you linked to for Mittleider they ask 13.95 plus shipping on their site but don't show a quantity in ounces or how many pouches for the price. Would you tell me how many ounces do you get for $13.95? And also have you ordered from other suppliers i.e. True Leaf Market and is it the mix they offer true to the original recipe. Thanks!

  6. Hey LDS Prepper! How long does the Mittleider Magic Micro Mix stay nutrient potent – I was wondering shelf life for prepping purposes. Thanks ! Also do you know the shelf life of the things you mix with it? Would like to create a rotation but need to know whether i can create a 2, 10 or 20 year rotation. Thanks (The longer the better hence the questions)
    Jason (LDS)

  7. Do you know the meaning of sustainable? Sustainable means able to be maintained at a certain rate or level. Where does your Mittleider Natural Mineral Fertilize come from? How do you get it? What if they went out of business? Manure comes from animals daily and they do not go out of business. You have a never ending supply of compost. You do not need to store a years supply of compost, you just grow it.

    Do an experiment. Try compost on just one bed or one plant for that matter. Then show us the difference Mittleider Natural Mineral Fertilizer makes. The proof is in the pudding.

  8. Why do you quote using the old English? Don't you find it odd that the Book of momon is in King James English when that was NOT the common language of Joseph Smith. Hmmm something don't add up.

  9. you should not pre-mix the fertilizers; because the granulates are of different size and density, the small and heavy particules will gravitate to the bottom, making the mix shifted outside of the originally intended proportion.

  10. I'm sorry this is not "sustainable", it's just easier for you! It is actually bad for the environment!
    There is so much soil all around you, but you choose to depend on something that is manufactured!
    This is one of the reasons why we have climate change!

  11. Don't overlook what David says at around minute 5 in regards to adding Perlite (now lime) to the mix. My first batch without that stuff is wet as can be and definitely clumps up a lot. I'll now follow the instrux as per what he says here and hopefully it'll stay dry.

  12. How is the Mittleider method "sustainable" when you promote the use of chemical-based fertilizers that are created by the petroleum industry? Most of what you show in this video is a byproduct of petroleum production. You mention that the minerals are sustainable, but not the rest. Organic gardening principles are 100% sustainable. If you are planning for the zombie apocalypse, well I'm sure you'll still be able to hop on over to the local Walmart to buy your fertilizers ROTFL! 😉

  13. David, can you clarify what you mean about adding 10% lime instead of perlite. Is the "10%" the concentration of the lime? Or is the 10% the amount of weight you add, i.e.) you add 2.5lbs of lime to 25lbs of weekly fertilizer mix? Thanks for the info.

  14. I've watched many of your videos on solar and am starting on the gardening videos. You do a very good job at creating the videos. In the video above you referred to this as sustainable, but how can that be if you must purchase a secret mix of stuff, the 'Mittleider Magic MIcro MIx? If you don't know what is in the mix then you can't make it yourself to know if it is actually something which can be repeated without a commercial source.

  15. I am confused by using linear feet instead of square feet for the application of the weekly mix. So how much weekly feed per square foot should I be applying? For example, I have several 64×3 foot beds. I also have several raised beds of various sizes. How much weekly feed should I put in each bed?

  16. I just bought a 50lb back of 15, 15, 15. however it also contains 10% sulfer. I can't find anywhere in my mittleider course book if that is alright or not. do you have any thoughts on it?

  17. Maybe you can help—checked all the big box gardening stores (Menards, Kmart, Walmart, Lowes, etc) and I cannot find anywhere to purchase the products!
    So, where do i buy the fertilizer and the other Mittleider products??

  18. I just made my 4 garden beds , 2 of my beds are 4 ft wide , 16 ft long and 8" high.
    the other 2 beds are 2 ft wide , 16 ft long and 8" high. can you help me out with how much pre plant fertilizer per bed and how much weekly fee goes into my beds , I will be ready in another week to mix it all and start planting.

  19. I have been watching a lot of videos of people using the mittleider gardening method and I have noticed a lot of "organic" gardeners leaving comments saying not to use the mittleider method. Are these people threatened by the lower cost of mittleider gardening? The production? Or is it just a sanctimonious attitude? If people want to grow their own food I don’t see a problem in what method they choose.

  20. HI totally new to gardening and excited to try the Mittleider gardening. But living in Alaska having a hard time finding a straight number fertilizer. At Lowes I found a Lilly Miller 16-16-16 lawn and garden food granules (Lowe's item number #8046) I'm just ensure about the granules, is that the correct product to use? To mix with the Mittleider weekly feed?

  21. no longer has this fertilizer. In canada I can't find a dry fertilizer with 13 13 13 or any other number. It seems we are mostly stuck with water soluable fertilizer. Any ideas?

  22. You are not a real prepper. What will you do when there is no chem fertilizer available? Sustainable as you say? You're just trying to remarketing the chemical factory products. While we are now trying hard to go back to nature.

  23. Do you have to change anything between vegetative and flowering cycles? Or do you feed the same all the way through the grow? Do you do any kind of flush cycle towards the end of fruit/vegetable production? Your great results speak for themselves. Hats off to ya. I really thought Organics was the best way. I will research this some more but it seems pointless. After seeing a few of your other videos, you never do anything with out thoroughly researching it first. Lastly, do you feel that your getting plenty of nutrition from your produce? Blows my mind that your not seeing any deficiencies, pest pressure etc. I bookmarked your link and will order for a small side x side test. Thanks for the information.

  24. Who cares if it is sustainable?  Question should be are results as nutritional as organic, is it easier to follow, and appealing to older gardeners who don't have energy for organic.  Also, this is not a debate forum.  It is a learning experience.  If you disagree with the teacher, keep away from his classes and start your own class.  It is not your place to try to undermine what the teacher is saying.

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