Making Sustainable Change is The World Ready?

Today’s video I speak about making the change towards more sustainable gardening by introducing compost, worm farming, soils and habitat.
I have been trying to introduce these methods for years to gardeners and farmers, but many were not always willing to take it on.
I think they saw it more like another job to do around the house and not really considering the benefits.
Then the world just wasn’t ready. I know many people have been gardening and farming using sustainable methods, but not the average population.
I truly believe that many are ready to make that change now. People want to help the planet and keep it clean for future generations.
Are you ready to make the change, or have been making steps already?
Let me know in the comments box down below.

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Happy Gardening

Marty Ware


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  1. Love your high 5 at end of video, I do it back to you at the same time hehe…
    I started a worm farm,a composting bin, water tank and throw my excess scraps into ground around raised bed too, it’s exciting to see when which new veggies start to pop up anywhere..

  2. We are renting but I have 4 chickens in an urban backyard, a Vermi compost bin, a green waste bin (being used as a compost tub) and half in the grown vegetables and half in containers. Doing it in a rental setting is difficult and finding landlords who are ok with chickens is rare but it is possible.

  3. Wow, we both mentioned sustainability in the videos we released on the same day. May be a coincidence or it may be the universe letting us know it is time. I only mentioned it a few minutes but behind the scenes I am leaning more this was. We have a small compost pile and a worm bed started because Keely has been watching your channel. I am also going to be experimenting with organic fertilizer with my hydro this year. I may not get much of a crop, but it is worth a try. We really appreciate all you have done and shared over the years. Keep on Growin' bro!

  4. G'day, mate. Gary from Melbourne yes I converted my whole property over 2 years doing permaculture everything you can eat on my land.. I feed about 3 families. From my property .Does take a while taking me 2 years to get where I am today And only just reaping the benefits now. No grass at all every inch. Lol love, it's amazing feeling. I built it up like a forest still need to get a few more trees in. The front of the house is like a forest. At the back maybe halfway there like a forest got to get these trees in. The ground is like walking on a sponge. So I am always in bare feet. Even when it rangs Doesn't matter I do not get any mud on me. I do my own composting. Do not have a worm farm. Will get a worm farm shortly. And everything that I have done Marty was for free. From the council. We have a council dumping area. With a dump all the mulch when you help yourself. Otherwise, I would have cost to meet thousands of dollars to do what I have done. All the materials and everything that I've use are recycled. It's quite impressive. I have had a couple of tour groups. Come through my property just to show them, what permaculture is and how to do it. Have a wonderful day, mate. Keep up the great work. Spread the word.

  5. Ready or not we are coming! It is not just our own gardens Marty. From what I have read what we do can affect the soil for a radius of 2km. If just one house in every street improved their soil it would make a big difference overall. Its catching too even my neighbour who has a junk yard with 3 car wrecks in it has started to mulch with his grass clippings instead of taking it to the dump as he saw how i have less weeds and am making use of biomass and waste. Much blessings to you 🙂

  6. Hi Marty , iam totally in agreement with your statement , I grew up when most people grew gardens ,and fruit trees , I also grew up on a dairy farm , raised rabbits chickens , and milked cows and goats , made butter ,ect ect, ,so I know what you’re talking about .
    We should all learn to to the basics , times will get touch one day ,and only the ones that have educated themselves , will know what to do !
    I have learned more about worm farming composting the last year ,and love it , I have six worm bins , and four compost bins made out of free wood pallets .. it is very fulfilling, I have great joy in doing these things , and learning more from people who care like you ,and many others .
    I encourage others to try it please , you will feel closer to God , HE made us to look after this earth , , so we feel good when we do it !

  7. At home right now, I have a big hot compost pile (only for the warm months) and a small tumbler plus 4 static bins
    I empty the tumbler into the statics when it starts losing heat and let it finish off in those.
    Also worm farms and a couple of bee hotels.
    Not sure most people are ready to make the change to more sustainable living yet but some sure are
    I've supplied and installed worm feeders ( you know, the part buried buckets) in a number of my gardening clients' homes.
    Reduces food scraps going to landfill, helps the garden and makes the client feel like they are reducing their waste.
    It's a start at least. Keep spreading the word Marty.

  8. Check out Under the Choko Tree's website and have a look at his watering stations where bees can have a drink without getting drowned. There are simple instructions on how to make them and I think they're pretty wonderful ( my husband has made me five so far : ) ) He has lots of other cool inventions on his site. Go and check out his site.
    You're a champion and a pioneer Marty keep up the good work.

    I've tried to garden for many years with some successes and not so good results (lots)and I've learned so much from the likes of you Marty (I love youtube) – thank you. But one thing that never ever occurred to me was to put chemicals and poisons on my garden – thank goodness I listened to my gut instincts.

  9. G'day mate, You're right it's time, the world is ready for a sustainable change.
    I have a couple of composting systems going atm to help improve my soil and I'm learning about companion plants and much more. I believe that we can all do something to be more sustainable.
    God bless you guys.

  10. I’m with you. I have worm bins and 2 Tumblr composers. I use the sharewaste app which you have there in Australia. It’s the best I have about 10 people who bring me their food scraps on a regular basis and another 10 not so regularly. I am in a urban setting and when I lost A community education farm which we educated people to where the food came from. I step it up at home. There’s nothing like growing food for yourself and others. Keeping the food scraps out of the landfill.

  11. Do you think the world is ready to make the change towards sustainability? Please share your thoughts below, this is so important as life hangs in the balance for future generations.

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