KYONANO Natural Dish Kitchen Sponges 6 Pack, Biodegradable Eco-Friendly Sponges Scrubber, Organic DishwashingSponge, Made from Loofah Plant, 100% Biodegradable-White

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Product Description


KYONANO aims to provide zero waste sponges that can replace disposable plastic in your daily life.



100% Biodegradable

Made of 100% Loofah and Plastic Free Packing

Length: 4.13 inches

Thickness: 5 mm

Width: 2.75 inches

KYONANO Natural Kitchen Sponges

Come with 6 Sponges

The loofah sponge is a purely natural, zero-waste alternative to conventional, synthetic plastic sponges. Based on traditional loofah cleansers, KYONANO features a loofah sponge that is easier to use in modern kitchens.

Long life with proper care

Strong cleaning power and foaming power. Good scrubbing power to remove dirt.

Multilayered Loofahfiber

New rope design for easier storage

Soft enough to not scratch your tableware







Loofah fiber with the strong cleaning power

KYONANO Luffa sponge effectively removes dirt but is soft enough not to scratch the surface of the device.
Good foaming power and can effectively reduce the amount of detergent used to some extent.


The multi-layered loofah fibers are superimposed to improve the cleaning ability of the sponge.
The dried loofah sponge is thin and hard. After soaking, the Luffa sponge naturally becomes soft and fluffy.
KYONANO Luffa Sponge can cover your daily cleaning needs.

Easy to use

Sewn with cotton thread so that the loofah fiber sits better.
It is worth noting that the new cord design. With this design, KYONANO loofah sponge is easier to store and can be hung up and dried after use.
After use, simply rinse it with warm water, occasionally with a little soap, and then let it dry completely.







Natural resources

The sponge consists of pure natural loofah and the cord of pure cotton. They are natural, free of plastics.
The loofah sponge discarded after use can be naturally biodegraded.

Natural processing

The loofah is processed on a traditional basis. KYONANO forms a whole long loofah into a square sponge shape, which is easy to use.
KYONANO loofah sponge contains no additional additives to ensure that the product is pure and natural.

Natural kitchen

Make your kitchen more ecological with loofah cleaners and help protect the environment. Improve every detail of life.


Loofahfaser with strong cleaning power

KYONANO Loofah sponge has an efficient cleaning ability. It removes dirt but is soft enough not to scratch the surface of the device. Good foaming power and can effectively reduce the amount of detergent used to some extent.
When using the loofah sponge, it may drop the Loofah crumb, which is the crumb of Loofah fiber, which only needs to be washed off and does not interfere with use and safety.
The new cardboard packaging gives you a completely plastic-free product.

PRACTICAL & DURABLE – The mesh-like texture makes it easy to foam using less cleaning liquid. Hard enough to wipe out all plaque & food junk left behind, also soft to protect non-stick pans, smooth plates & other scratch-afraid items. Durable for around 40 days.
COMPLETELY NO DEAD ZONE CLEANING – Same size as traditional cleaning sponge. Suitable for all types of nonstick cookware, pot, pan, glass, dish. Also, for cleaning veggies & fruits without worrying about any byproducts.
SUPER EASY TO USE – Soak them for 5-10 minutes. Shapes are made for a secure grip & pure NATURAL fiber touches comfortable. Spinout the water and hang in a ventilated place to dry after using it.
PRACTICAL GIFT CHOICE – Great idea for Vegan, Zero Waster, or someone who is looking to go a little Green-er. If you are no happy with the products, return it, we offer an unconditional money-payback guarantee.



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