Kilowatt Wind Turbine And Pole For Under $150 –

Turbine build tutorial:
The generator is rated at 1.5HP / ~1kW which the turbine should be doing in about a 60 km/h wind, at about 90 volts. The turbine has been survival tested up to 105 km/h.

This video is just an incidental update, mostly on the new chain drive prototype and pole mount configuration, I’ll be doing a full documented update at some point soon.

The cost breakdown is about $25 for the turbine itself, $45 for the treadmill motor as generator, and $95 for the pole, steel rope and fixings etc.

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Known Issues With The Video:
~ Yes the steel ropes start out mounted below the turbine then jump to above it, turns out they work a lot better up there.
~ Yes the pole wobbles a bit, in future I’ll have probably just some polyprop rope to the pole mid point to lock that off and stabilize the whole thing.
~ Yes the chain is off when the turbine is up and spinning, I didn’t have it tensioned well and it dropped but then also didn’t have the time or assistance to take the pole down and re-establish it before I had to leave. It does work fairly well tho.
~ Yes for now you’re going to have to take my word for that.
~ The video is largely out of focus but my phone camera either auto focuses constantly or not at all and the latter is slightly less annoying.
~ The turbine does pop a bit when it spins, but it’s not loud and I’ll try to resolve that.
~ Yes the back two ropes are crossed at the top, that’s for reasons.
~ Yes I say ummm a lot, like I say this is only meant as an update and I’ll do a nice full video with amazing production values very soon.

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My name is Daniel Connell. I prototype and develop basic technologies which anyone can make using recycled materials and simple tools.
The aim is for everyone everywhere to be able to build and maintain their own infrastructure; producing their own energy, food, clean water, communications, and anything else they need.

All designs are open source and license free for any purpose, and full construction tutorials and how-tos are available on the website.



  1. Hi,
    Am impressed with the wind turbine you made and was wondering why you didn't use the gear on the bike wheel instead of attaching the chain on the wheel rim??

  2. Seash plate pump motor with maneuverable seash plate to a neutral position allowing windmill blades to achieve full speed with seash plate slowly manuvered to start hydraulic compression. Base of windmill consisting of swash plate pump motors type 12 with connected automatic transmissions with large drum motors rewired into electrical power generation configuration with switched out bearings to magnetic bearings. Swash plate can also be used has a breaking system to protect windmill from failure from bad weather.

  3. 60kmh is a strong wind and thats not common at all where I live. average wind is 15kmh on normal days, would be interesting how much power it gives you under such conditions… also the position of the turbine in front of the house is really not a good spot to earn the full amount of energy available…

  4. You would probably get better efficiency and longevity with a toothed belt than a bicycle chain
    Another option would be a serpentine belt used in an automotive fan belt. Same goes for an idling wheel. You only need one for the slack side. The driven side will tighten automatically.

  5. I wonder if, since bike gears are being used, somethings to get could could be done with the shifting mechanism? As the windmill goes faster, it would change gears?

  6. Why are people so negative with this guy is like they have so many down this likes of this because people just don't want to believe it's possible it's just like with hydrogen they think the vapor doesn't exist.. it's ridiculous how people are so freaking negative I think there's people like trolls that they government pays to do this to get on here and negative thumb it down so that people won't try to do something for themselves if you believe don't believe the negative connotation is look for the solution in this that way you don't have to look at all those thumb Downs… because people are just being negative but I think it's truly people that are being paid not these kind of things I've seen this on other videos happening when it's something very obvious that works..

  7. Beautiful Brother. I hope that you stil are doing these kind of things. I Guess until now you know that every theth on your chain is going to work against good result, so you have to bring the number down as much as possible, but the bicycle idea Great. I hope that you are stil interested in this

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