It Happened To Much Solar Power Now What !

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  1. Wow… your system is great. Love it. Send some solar panels for me. We do not have electricity where I live in Belize. Weather here is great for solar panels. We do not experience snow

  2. Have been subscribed for a while now. LOVE what you're doing and how you are doing it. One small note, and I am guilty of this at times: repetition . . . most of us out here are adults and can remember stuff after hearing it once or twice… Your videos, the ones I have experienced anyway, have a LOT of repetition. Almost to the point of inciting 'fast forwarding'. Other than that, GREAT videos, nice detailing, and of course the nice blue Hawaiian skies… Michael in Colorado. 40mi NE of Denver, 24°F and light snow…

  3. Hi. I have 2 x fm80 and outback GVFX 3048 inverter. Outback support says that it doesnt work with lithium but you have it running. How?

    Please share your charge controller settings for bulk float equalise etc

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