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A school district is learning – and earning – with wind power.
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Iowa Wind Power | National Geographic

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  1. @futuremodal : The pitch on the blades of many of these wind turbines can be adjusted, which can be used to vary the generator speed, and hence the electrical output. If you have dozens of turbines in a wind farm it is technically feasible to connect or disconnect individual turbines in order to regulate the total power output of the wind farm. Put these together and you have a wind generating system with a good deal of human controlled adjustability. Viva la energy independence!!!!!

  2. Little Known Fact: 7% of all electricity generated is lost in transmission across the grid. Wind power and solar energy is best created at point of use.

    Our leaders are exploiting out tax dollars to make wind power upgrades for profitable utilities. Then, 7% is wasted across the grid. Now, they want to waste more money upgrading the wasteful grid. Harvest your own wind and sun. You don't need a power company to sell you your own wind and sun. You don't really need a power company anymore.

  3. well, because of the fairly high speed of the blades, relative to windspeed (speed of tips here idk 4-6 times windspeed i guess) all air travelling through the rotor will pass a blade atleast within say 0.2 bladelength, or 10% the rotordiameter,
    if my brain serves me right ;p which aerodynamically is quite close.
    the 3 blade design is a nice tradeoff between material cost, smoothness of power, noisyness, effectiveness, durability, operating envelope, etc.

  4. i don't know about that but you miss the big picture here: this is the future of energy, whether you like it or not. Oil is running out and we need to find renewable ways of energy and all you complain and think about is how much it cost to install these things??

  5. Can you tell me which part of the video states that the school district spent any of their own money on this? I guarantee you this was some sort of gov't grant or corporate donation.

  6. it looks like you need to do some research into how much energy it takes to mine and refine the uranium needed to create a nuclear reactor not to mention the chances of a Chernobyl again

  7. while,wind power is nice the amount of energy required to make the turbine and the small amount it produces is almost neglibible compared to the potentials of nuclear power OPEN YUCCA MAOUNTAIN and give us a place to store the fuel

  8. here in michigan theres a college (Muskegon community college) that has a wind generator half the size of that one! i wish there was more green energy in michigan, i mean seriously, were surrounded by water. we should make hydroelectric power!

  9. I work in the power industry; One of my coworkers retired and went to work with a wind power producer. He says that by using compress air it is possible to store energy for peak periods and when the wind is not blowing. Our future energy needs will be meet from a variety of sources including wind power;

  10. $120k / year, huh? That's great.

    And how much did it cost to install this turbine? How much money is spent on maintenance? How much will it cost to replace the batteries when they reach the end of their useful life? How about when the bearings wear out?

    100:1 odds says that someone else is paying all of these costs, and the school is oblivious to the installation and ongoing maintenance costs….they think this is all just "free money".

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