How To Start A Vegetable Garden | Central Florida Gardening 101 for Self Sufficiency

I teach a lot of classes in person but the recent events have prevented group gatherings so I have started teaching via online webinars. A lot of folks have the time and interest to gain a little self sufficiency in regards to their food supply right now so this is a quick start approach on how to start a Florida vegetable garden. This is a recording of a webinar that I recently taught covering the 4 “S’s” : Sun, Soil, Seed, & Seasons to get you started growing a vegetable garden quickly. For example leafy greens are something that looses nutrients very quickly but lettuce doesnt grow in the summer heat, try growing tatsoi, new zealand spinach, or amaranth instead for year round leafy greens. This is not my typical YouTube video format but is instead a very informative talk on central Florida gardening 101.

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  1. I agree seed starts are the best even if you don't get 100% germination. Try to start seeds, learn to produce your own and store them as you would Gold! Last play some……Gardening is more than produce production, it is also a great way to manage. So we learn to grow a plant, maybe 90% germinate, we have fun, and we learn… win to me

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