How to Grow Lettuce from seed (ADVANCED) Complete Growing Guide

How to grow lettuce from seed at home is at home is Easy. In this video Advanced Complete Growing Guide we cover how to plant lettuce from seeds, how to grow lettuce and how to harvest lettuce. This is Advanced Complete Growing Guide. We will show our best tips on how to grow them, fertilizers, soil mixture, size of container and watering to provide abundant harvest. This is Red Romaine lettuce but you can grow any other lettuce same ways. This is a progression video. Enjoy!

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We love sharing with you Successful Advanced methods for growing BIG Harvest and Varieties of Unusual vegetables, fruit’s, foods, builds & diys for new gardeners, master gardeners, homesteaders or anyone seeking a self sufficient, sustainable living. Hollis makes growing thing super Easy and has passion for gardening over 56+ years (8 years old). He come from generations of farmers dating back to 1700.

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Join us on our journey on our NEW 15 acre rual homestead. Our goal is container gardening and organic gardening, permaculture, fruit trees, home cooking, chickens, quail, turkeys, rabbits, preserving, canning, fishing, hunting ect..

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Hollis has love of gardening for over 56+ years (started 8 years old) and in the past own a Commercial Landscaping Company for over 7 years. He has also been in the shipbuilding for over 40+ years and retired as a Engineering Designer. He now loves to design Advanced methods, process, tips and tricks to make gardening and homesteading a lot easier and fun.

Since a child, Nancy has always loved to cook and create foods to make her family happy. 40+ years
In the past, Nancy has managed and cooked in an Oriental restaurant and also worked in the past as a cook in an Italian restaurant. Now she loves to make homemade recipes that is healthier and delicious, from the garden fresh vegetables, with some favorite Southern home cooking that Hollis enjoys.

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  1. You can benefit from exercising while doing it . Bending and stretching is good for your joints .
    i like your reusing containers for different things .i like the chopsticks idea cinnamon 🤔thanks for all the tips 👍🏻enjoy your salad 😋

  2. can you regrow lettuce from shop bought root ends? can I grow them indoors with a grow light? I'm a 65 yr old female without carpentry skills, no woodworking tools.

  3. Hi, thanks for this tutorial….this is going to help me so much! I have got seed starting down, but my failures start happening when the little veg starts go outside. I like how you implement low cost supplies and methods. I'm a new subber! You go at just the right speed and right amount of detail for someone trying to learn! Not everybody had parents who could pass on skills….I really appreciate you!

  4. Hi Hollis & Nancy, I stumbled on to your channel a couple of days ago and have been watching every chance I get. So informative. I will be starting an inside garden soon. Thanks for such a great channel!

  5. I have a question please… I am not a gardener but with what is happening right now I am starting seeds… I live in northeastern Ontario Canada and we still have snow but I started some seeds in the house. My tomatoes I planted from a slice of tomato and covered it wit soil, this morning there is a slight white fuzz on the earth… could I put cinnamon on the earth now for the tomatoes, cucumbers, celery peppers? Can you use cinnamon on everything? Do you have any other tips to give me ? I germinated some tomato and peppers in a ziplock with a damp paper towel as well in case that the slice doesn’t work… thank you for your videos, this is awesome information. May the Lord bless you and yours and keep you safe.

  6. do u get problems with green aphids? I, here in germany often have green aphids on my salads. It’s really a pain in the butt. On other plants i simply spray a soap/neem oil mix but on salad that’s not the best idea imo. I plant similar like you. A lot i plant in repurposed buckets. My salads i plant in balcony pots. Those long ones. It has space for 4-5 salads in a row. Works fine 😆

  7. Awesome video, Nancy & Bing! Just sweet to watch and informative. I'm having a prob getting buckets to container garden in; just gets too expensive for me. Any ideas?

  8. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  9. I tried tape seed for lettuce but even though I tried two times each time most never came up. Now I use petted seeds (from Johnny) Or for loose leaf my favorite is black seed simpson mix with grand rapids, and I love a variety hard to find now called early prize head lettuce even though it is loose leaf. I am also going to plant butter bib lettuce, again in pellet form, Nancy and butter crunch are my favorite types.

  10. I’m very excited. Not throwing away any used containers. I love using cinnamon to keep the gnats away. I’m told it works for some kinds of ants.

    Bing Bing is the most beautiful little dog, and so sweet.

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