Homestead Planning Strategies For Sustainable Agriculture

Homestead Planning Strategies For Sustainable Agriculture!

We had an opportunity to walk the property and with Sean from the Prepared Homestead and learn about what works for his homestead and what he recommends we do on our here on our land.

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  1. Great video but I'm a little confused. I thought your property was undeveloped. In an earlier video you talked about bringing in utilities, drilling a well and putting in a septic system.

  2. Funny you mentioned Alpacca's… we raised them for years. The males are amazing gaurd animals (especially if they are breeding a female on site) and they let out an unmistakable alarm call when they percieve a threat. We could hear it easily anywhere on our 5 acre parcel. Their sheared fibre is well sought after by spinners and weavers as well.

  3. Maybe you could use some of the land for doing workshops teaching home building, during quiet periods for the business. For those that like you say are stuck in a tiny space and will just never have the funds to hire someone like your main business. Maybe not the 'fancy' timber frame stuff that others are doing but the barebones, practical, utilitarian & commercial style stuff, attainable for people who've never even held a hammer. (and get yourself a couple of barns built in the process). Or just provide workshop space for the 'intermediates' trying to get on the ladder. Kind of a 'maker space' but for big lumps of wood rather than electronics and gizmos.

  4. U can say that auburn unver says one cow an calf per acre that’s what I use u don’t over graze in dry condos sheep an goats eats to close to the ground don’t have anything that ur family want eat

  5. Another excellent video Josh! Oh, you might consider hiring a costume director so you have some contrast between you the “star” and your guest. 😉

  6. I am who I am today because of two things, my parents allowing me to grow in The 4-H & FFA organizations raising beef 🥩, sheep 🐑, chickens 🐓, Turkeys 🦃, breed 🐖 pigs which required lots of work, planning, building and learning about the business of creating food. What we did was The HomeSteading of The Day!!!
    The second thing was at 16 becoming a Volunteer Fire Fighter with The La Habra Heights Vol Fire Dept!

    Go get them Grizzly
    Shawn looks like your little brother!

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