Harbor Freight 100W Solar Kit. Full Review – Day 1

Day 1. Sharing my first day using the 100W Harbor Freight Solar Panel Kit. This is the new July, 2017 version of the Harbor Freight Solar Panel Kit. The kit now offers 4- 25W panels and a modernized solar controller. Harbor Freight Part no. 63585

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  1. This seems like a good deal. I bought I rich solar 100 watt 12 volt panel on Amazon for $80 a controller for 12 wiring to connect it for $15. Tops off my deep cycle lead acid very quickly. Rich solar panel is considered the best. Having to set up four panels seems like a big hassle

  2. I can't see giving that much real-estate to only 100w. There are much smaller panels for $80 available now. Richsolar, NewPowa, HST, and more are all one-panel solutions, not requiring that much space and structure.

  3. Can you use stripped wires coming from your solar panels, and hook up 2, 3, or 4 four panel systems to the controllers solar panel inputs? If so, you should be able to hook up an array of batteries in a series to charge, to have much more wattage available. Though you would also need some type of a voltage regulator with 110v v Edison outlets to plug in regular electrical items.

  4. Great video. I was contemplating buying 2 or 3 of the solar panel kits and a few batteries today. I'm over did and primarily need it to run and internet modem and lights. I dont watch tv and have solar shower and gas heat and stove, may use to run a fan as well. Hopefully all goes well

    Edit: how did it work out after all this time?

  5. one menu is for the battery type for charging the other is for the stop charging load low voltage and the same with the load high voltage so you will not damage the battery I have flooded batteries and I have my low voltage at 11.5 voltage and the high voltage for float at 14.5 overcharging a battery or running it to low will shorten the battery life or damage it. I bought the kit with the connection hun and added it to my 80 watt panel I already have. To power my garden shed and it has been working out well for me. I have 3 marine industrial deep cycle starting batteries. two 27s and one 24 size and I have all the power I need. It is a 180 watt 15 amp system with plenty of battery reserve. The batteries are connected in parallel 12 volt. with high amperage.

  6. I know nothing about this but I now live in Tornado Ally area and I’m wondering if the power got knocked out if this system would run a fridge a some lights with a deep cycle battery- or 2?

    Any answers are appreciated

  7. IMO the charge controller looks suspect The output doesn't seem high enough to bring batteries to full charge, much less maintain that level if there's current draw from the battery bank, that near what the panels could produce.

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