Guardians of the Amazon (Full Documentary)

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As the Amazon Rain Forest faces a crucial tipping point amidst the increase of illegal logging activities, Dan Harris and his team embed with the Guardians, a small indigenous group taking up arms to hunt down illegal loggers and fight for their land.


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  1. This is so hard to watch. Hope these guys have help from around the world because in a sense they’re also saving us from greedy men. Whom money is more important then human beings and the environment. 🥺

  2. The Amazon forest are our Earth's lungs. This is equivalent to our lungs having cancerous tumors growing that need to be removed or we die. May Yah protect these guardians and give us victory.

  3. the Indians are fighting a fight that benefits the whole world, while the President of Brazil and the
    environment minister do not seem to value them.
    Unfortunately, TRUMP supports the Bolsonaro rather than reprimanding it.

  4. And %100 of logging done by it's own people is the lack of income. maybe if there country puts in some welfare resources .so until then cut all the god damn trees you want and feed your family's.

  5. Defending yourself in self defense is NOT the same as hurting innocent people. You curse yourself and your bloodline, when you steal land and harm innocents. Cursed is anyone that stands with, enables or befriends the wretched President Jair Bolsonaro. May the protective ancestor spirits and dangerous Amazon Rainforest beasts rise up and take out the loggers. Again, how can we help the tribes protecting their land?

  6. Thank you for sharing this documentary. We would not hear of it otherwise. 1) What lies are the loggers being told in order for them to be logging in the Amazon, armed? 2) Based on what you've learned from filming this brilliant documentary, what can we do to help them? Its clear, they need boots and bullet proof vests, etc. I've never seen anything like this. Nor, have I seen anyone walk into hostile territory bare-chest! What commitment! Great work!

  7. The biggest cancer are HUMANS!
    Wait till we stop breathing when there are not enough trees to provide us with oxygen. It is bloody criminal!
    Greed driven from higher up the chain.
    Remove the ones paying them and you stop the supply chain.

  8. Once they are captured, what happens next without the camera man around? They are suspect also. I understand they believe what they are doing is right but they should leave it to the professionals

  9. this documentary is a real scam! I live in the Amazon area and what this documentary shows is a lie! There is deforestation in the Amazon, but not as shown in the video. you don't know how the peoples of the Amazon live, you don't know anything. how is the life of the people here. you have no position to come here in my country and disparage brazil for the whole world.

  10. Whats with calling the Hispanic Loggers "White Men" is that just ABC pushing more Woke SJW propaganda or are the indigenous peoples just falsely referring to them that way?

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