1. in min 9:47, when he mentions illegal mining he says "dont worry, we are working with the authorities to deal with this and many other problems" … dont worry?? i guess all humans should worry about this, otherwise forest destruction will continue! i dont believe that the authorities make much! i made my PhD with the topic of intentional fires in Amazon rain forest and the authorities used to say, we have it now under control.. however, the satellite images showed the oposite, Brazilian Amazon has more fires now than ever and the size of the fires are bigger than before. If we keep trusting local authorities our Amazon rain forest will soon disapear, so… please let us worry about it and think of strategies to stop illegal fires and mining.

  2. as a geographer and recent student,I would love to see this technology in orbit and it be available to us. The possibility of projects on the local scale would be endless and bring great results I am sure of it! 

  3. There is an easy answer. Its called not killing elephants but neutering a lot of them when populations get to big. That would be an easier answer it's not perfect. But this doesn't give an excuse to kill elephants. 

  4. Greg,
    Congratulations on TEDtalking your work. From lions and elephants to 3D mapping the carbon stock of vast regions of the planet, your talk is fascinating and brings the value of science into context for all. Your point about the fundamental flaw of designing conservation plans without specific geographically explicit data makes total sense. I share your vision of getting the Carnegie Airborne Observatory's imaging spectrometer and lasers into orbit. Good luck on your work.

  5. instead of fucking with developing countries, go buy land in europe and north america and plant trees, replacing farms and cities. these climate change morons just want the poor countries to bear the costs of the shit the rich did (and do), trashing the planet for centuries.

  6. Amazing new views of the planet's rainforests, showing both how climate change is affecting them and their inhabitants, and how deforestation is causing climate change.  Shame he felt the need to encourage everyone watching his talk to fly to the Amazon and look at it from a boat rather than explore his amazing maps on Google Earth 🙁  Amazing how even scientists in this field don't make the link between the carbon pollution we each create and climate change!

  7. A very interesting video, highlighting a technique with a great potential as a tool for understanding.  The only thing that made me wince was the idea that wildlife should centred on "nature reserves".  Whilst I get that this is a short-term "bank" for biodiversity, there are still those stubborn island bio-geographic issues that mean sooner or later we have to look at biodiversity in the wider landscape.  Ultimately, we need to look closely at our own human numbers, that threaten to overwhelm even the nature reserve areas that we do designate.  For example, in the UK, such designated areas are under threat from a government that sees them as getting in the way of economic recovery.  There are a plethora of "initiatives" under way that aim to loosen their protection.

    Many UK bird species are not habitat-specific, and therefore are not potentially nature reserve specific.  They rely on the wider landscape. Consequently such birds are often in decline, especially if they are specialists in that wider landscape.  The decline in arable landscape bird species here, is steep and dramatic.

  8. We can hopefully infertile using inject able solution for sterilization, if some animal is overpopulated like elephant which might have adverse effect on the ecosystem. But at this moment human overpopulation is the concern. This beast is very difficult to control.

  9. Greetings. Recently, TED decided to remove a video in which the wonderful Graham Hancock shared some highly valuable information. Regardless of who you are – I urge you to become familiar with this video (which has been reuploaded by independents). TED's very act of removing this video is a precise reflection of the war on consciousness that Graham has been and will continue to speak about. That is all.

  10. Great to see.  I wish I could go in your observatory especially over the Amazon.  I think other people would like to, too.   It is always good to remember the mass of folks that miss out from a living because some use the laws put.  Lets rather work to make it possible for all to make a living but this can only be achieved with a specific type of 'Recognised Communication System' world wide for each area – no I have not been able to tell everyone about this, or get make this yet.  But I enjoyed seeing what you have made.

  11. This is one of the finest technologies ever applied in the area of mapping our environment. Most probably this is easiest and cost-effective solution which gives in-depth info. Kudos to Greg Asner's mission of mapping the world. I hope the world leaders sit and take notice of this kind of technologies to save our lonely planet. Highly recommended. 

  12. @Ethan Glover Private ownership only works if preserving the area is beneficial to the owner. What do you think private companies would want to do with the Amazon? They would want to strip it clean.

    The area should be depopulated.

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