Genuine 500 watt small wind turbine, Best Micro Wind Turbine Newest models!

ALL PARTS – 2019 READ ALL↴ turbine 3/5&6 blade 12/24/48 volt From B&C, BEST 4 the price(NOT ALL CONTROLLERS CAN DIVERT POWER)More items you’ll need below ↘ HIT SHOW MORE 4 WHOLE LIST & info. SQL100 Rectifier – 3/8″ terminals that fit Rectifiers –
In line amp watt power meters (2 options) – OR
3 phase Drop Wire options “turbine down to rectifier” ( 2 ) 10/3 awg or 8/3 awg
Miscellaneous terminals for batteries
Best Power Inverters, 2500 watt pure sine, for small off grid use 12 volt – , 24 volt –
And newest best 4 bus bar Solar panels if you also are adding solar – and pick a good MPPT controller.
****Want to build your own, Contact me and I will help you.
THIS IS VIDEO 1, More to come with heavy details on all.

**Perfect RV or Motorhome Turbine, does good with solar, the GE-300 – . I prefer it with 3 blades, but if in a very low wind area, 5 blade may be better. Get the 12 volt in good wind area, the 24 volt in low wind area. The best is 300 watt model, its all you’ll need for 5 to 20+ amps of night and storm day charging. (Using 24 volt turbines on a 12 volt system is safe, proper, and what you use in low wind areas, it works just fine where a 12 volt will not go fast enough to charge batteries)
They are the only international Wuixi Air inc. Certified wind turbine Dealer: GREEN E SOLUTIONS

Use GC2 DEKKA Solar battery ( duracell branded) made by East Penn, from Order online, get 10% off, pick up locally for cheaper.

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  1. The 2019 GE-500 comes in 3 or 5 blade, 12, 24, 48 volt option. I made them lower the price!! Nothing better for the price. More videos coming, & items you'll need are up under the video HIT SHOW MORE ABOVE 4 WHOLE LIST and additional facts and info. * I just gave a known Missura thief my secret @2:45 perfect magnet arrangement. Be looking for my design to be knocked off on Ebay real soon, usually hacked and made in Vietnam, BUT if you buy it, your still buying from a junk dealer who cuts corners and steals others designs.

  2. People tend to throw around statements about 'watts' with these things but are almost never accurate.
    Ohms law, a simple way to calculate power based on voltage and current.
    In a 13V system, 500 watts would be a LOT of current. Power = voltage times current. If you have power and voltage, current = power divided by voltage. So 500 watts divided by 13 volts would be 38.4 amps of current.
    I doubt you've ever seen that kind of current out of that generator.
    Your claim of 1300 watts out of your custom build beast would be 100 amps of current.
    To really find the actual power being provided, measure the current being delivered and the voltage present at the time, multiply them together.

  3. Thinking of getting this, but with the current situation, will I receive it? are they evening shipping to the US? Anyone here recently ordered one?

  4. I should scold you for going up on the roof alone. I always have a friend come by if I need to go up on the roof, just in case. Anyway, did I miss something? Where's the battery? How does the power get to the battery from the turbine? I can see a merging of technologies here with solar and wind power (one of which is always present) and portable chargeable battery workstations.

  5. Very informative videos on wind turbines. Been watching carefully how you use bridge rectifier to convert voltages from 120vac to 12vdc. I have a solar setup with Victron Bluesolar MPPT and Victron Color control display . CAn the output from the rectifier go to a large enough (to handle the high voltages coming out of the rectifier) MPPT to then go to the battery bank? The reason I want to use Victron MPPT in this situation is so that I can monitor amps (or watts) produced/consumed. Is this doable?

  6. Greetings Mr. Daniel,

    Please excuse my ignorance in all of this. I am new to wind energy, but I received an "old" 9 ft metal frame farm style windmill for my birthday. Yes the wind blows the fan blades, and yes it moves around…but what is keeping me up at night is the fact that I am missing out on obtaining energy from the wind. I like the old classic look of my windmill, and was wondering if you could recommend any kind of set up to harness the wind energy that I'm not utilizing? I know, and fully understand, that the farm style windmill is not the most efficient (compared to what you have in the video).

    Or, should I just scrap the idea, and go with what you suggest above?

    FYI, in Dallas, TX and like the look of the old farm style windmill… well because I'm in Texas.

  7. Hi John. Great videos but I am not sure what I should get for my situation. I live on my boat sailing around the world. I currently have 300 watts solar. And 700A/hr of flooded batteries (all I could afford at the time). I would like to have a wind charger on board to be able to stay fully charged. Biggest energy draws are 12v water pump and 12v fridge
    What would you recommend for me to get so I can put a system together. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

  8. John, there are a bunch of videos you can view on YouTube that will help you make better videos. I really hope you do this because I love the content of what you do but much of it is simply unwatchable. Good luck.

  9. As someone presenting technical information for over 40 years I try very hard to remain positive or say nothing… So thank you very much John for 'connecting' a few dots on the research I have done with regard to Wind Power for home consumers. I will ask that you try to 'slow the f down'… maybe then you could finish a sentence/thought. I have the same problem my mind runs much faster than my mouth or hands (bad handwriting results as well)… We all understand 'camera' skills like many are learned… but in or society today many people simply do not understand that English is prehaps the most difficulte langage in the world… hard enough to communicate with done properly… totally impossible when done in fragments.

    With that said, you did mention in the onset, that all the parts and info for your 'DIY' generator would be in the links below.. however between broken links and non existing links I am not able to understand HOW you built that generator and would truly like to buy the instructions if available.

    Again thanks for current events on this topic.

  10. Just get a MPPT controller and you don't have to deal with all that garbage. I have a SunForce 600 watt with 3 blades and it puts out 25 amps at 25 mph. The controller has a built-in cooling fan and brake. I have one on my boat for the last 8 years and it runs great. WORD Of CAUTION NEVER LET IT FREEWHEELWITHOUT A BATTERY ON IT

  11. 13;45 The China regulators brake on there voltage output of eg15v ,or when the battery reaches its float voltage ! the faster the wind turbine turns the more voltage ,, and hence the hotter the wiring will become ,,, so to stop the melting of wire ,the turbine stops or brakes on its voltage FIRST then after eg 2 min. it will start to turn when the batteries reach float lets say from a solar panel-wind – battery charger ,, the little red light on the wind turbine will come on .. and so do the brakes so as not to overcharge ! Technology is here use it ! you through those China regulators around like playing cards? I like your videos but your stuck in your ways ..
    Ha just like the rest of us …… is it the Lizard brain or the Human brain that keeps us on our one tracked mind ??

  12. Im about to buy an RV and some land for me and my kids. How much power would i need for my RV ? Im in MN thinking i want to mix wind and solar probably mostly wind . all this electrical stuff don't make any sense to me. Lol and I don't think I have the money to pay someone to install it unless there's installers on Craigslist that will do it for 100 bucks.

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