FiveSeasonStuff Biodegradable Poop Bags for Dogs Zero Waste Compostable Dog Waste Bags Highest Rated ASTM D6400 Very Strong Leak-Proof for Large Dogs Puppy Cats

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Having a dog offers many innumerable tangible and intangible benefits. One of them is probably when we walk our doggie.It’s a beneficial exercise for both owner and man’s best buddy. When it comes to our buddy doing their thing, probably the most often overlooked is our choice of dog poop bag. There are, after all, a few brands to choose from. Then how should we choose? If you agree, 2019 is not the same as it was a few years ago. Nowadays, plastic waste is an important issue that isn’t going away but was always there. Before tossing the next poop bag in the garbage can, consider what kind of plastic is being thrown in. If walking our dog at least twice a day, then a little over 740 bags a year is accumulated. With so much news and reports happening, it’s evident where all this ends up. This means if we choose to use a poop bag, then should consider alternatives other than plastic bags that don’t degrade or oxo-biodegradable plastic bags that have the additive EPI that do more harm than good since they break apart into harmful micro-fragments. In the U.S. and around the world, our customers are assured FiveSeasonStuff compostable dog poop bags are made with the utmost integrity in the market and when tossing away for composting, bags will not end up as a plastic bag somewhere for years and years to come, but planet earth-friendly protecting our environment from harm. Your use is a strong support for a healthy tomorrow on earth. Size: 9’’ x 13’’ flat size. When opened with special bottom 9” x 11”. Note: When the bags are made, they are at maximum state. Once opened, the oxidization process begins and performance diminishes from one year. Please keep the bags dry and cool.

Leak-proof, Strong & Scented Dog Waste Bags — Won’t drip if filled with water and won’t break with a 6lb brick. Your hands are protected from poop and embarrassment from poop falling out, which are all a promise. Aroma of lavender to cover doggy’s poop smell.
Compostable in 80-180 days — Bags are made from corn starch that completely breaks-down into CO2 and H2O in an industrial composting facility or in a home garden compost heap setting. We don’t just stop being eco-friendly with the bags, everything from the roll core to the packaging are recyclable.
No Wasting Time — Easy tear and open feature even with gloves on during the winter season. Special ribbed bottom design for picking-up poop. Best used with FiveSeasonStuff glow in dark poop bag dispenser.
What’s Included: 300 dog bags for poop (10 Rolls) lavender-scented dog poop bags with 1 cool glow in dark dispenser, metal clip and adjustable strap



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