1. You quoted haeckel without ever talking about Alexander Von Humbold, the scientist that Haeckel was referring to when he created the term and also the scientist that inspired Darwin to go on his world adventure…

  2. Just discovered you today; it's very interesting courses, thank you! But, can you talk normally with slower pace and less monotonous? I find that with your speaking style so much information just easily slipping away.. thank you..

  3. This episode reminded me of a book I had as a kid: β€œPond Life.” It was part of the Golden Nature Guide series, of which I was a big fan. In fact, up until 9th grade, I thought I would like to follow a career in the natural sciences. Then, sadly, I bumped up against three years of bad teachers who successively turned me off Earth science, biology, and chemistry. (Educational experiences matter!) Thank you, Crash Course, for rekindling my love for the sciences lo these many years later!

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