Cheap vertical axis wind turbines! Are they worth the money?

In this video I do a rough review of our vertical axis wind turbine after 6 months of operating and whether these cheap vertical axis wind turbines are worth the money to buy. A diy vertical axis wind turbine or a better would manufactured vertical axis wind turbine might be better than this but please let me know your thoughts below of you have one of these too.

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  1. I am curious, you said you tested it and determined that it was not meeting the specifications set forth for the product.

    It is not that I doubt your assertions about the devices is deficiencies, I am sure you are correct (I have had my challenges with Chinese stuff from eBay myself). At least the stuff you got for free performed to a limited extent, some items I ordered were just trash.

    All of that said, may I ask the conditions and equipment you used to do the testing?

    1) What kind of meter did you use?
    2) Did you test the device whilst it was under load?
    3) What kinds of measurements did you take under what conditions?

  2. i payed $350 Australian for wot was calmed a 3500w turbine
    i was suspicious about there clams but still purchased one when it arrived i immediately tested and found it was 1amp 26w …far from there claims of 3500w …

    the same day i asked for a refund
    the seller kept making excuses about my method of testing
    after all the delays i got eBay involved and got a refund
    was it worth it ? defiantly not
    would i recommend one ? now way
    with the money returned i purchased a couple of solar panels
    that produced over 1000 times more power than that did .
    I am finding my self a bit reluctant to bye Chinese products again

  3. I got mine to work. You can't run this stand alone grid tied without a battery. Mine charges the battery by hand up to like 80 watts barely turning it… i will post my video of the test soon.

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