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Are you interested in a career in wildlife biology or ecology? I’m a wildlife biologist who graduated with their Ph.D. in 2012. Having been on the job market, …



  1. hello stephanie! do you know anything about wildlife biology, ecology and conservation here in romania? it seems like romanians do not pay attention to nature and i truly want to work in my country for nature but i cant even find a volunteer program for any of these. it feels like this country is not interested in protecting this beautiful place. do you think you could help me find what i need?
    thank you a lot!

  2. Working backwards is KEY in so many instances! The usually difficulty is people not knowing exactly what they want to do, but oftentimes similar positions will have lots of overlapping requirements. Great tip, thanks for sharing your hindsight!

  3. So what experiences in graduate school would have prepared you to have fund raising experience? Would you have to obtain that through a club or extracurricular activity?

  4. Question… I'm also a Junior in High School who's interested in becoming a wildlife biologist. What if you love field work but would also like to teach college students? Would getting a PhD still be wise?

    Thank you so much for your help and this wonderful video!

  5. Hi there! I am a junior in high school and I'm planning to become a wildlife biologist. My biggest question right now that consumes most of my thoughts is where to go to college to get my degree from. I live in California but I'm looking to go to university either in California or Oregon, Colorado, Washington, or Montana. Do you have any recommendations for good colleges to look into with wildlife programs? Thank you so much!

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