Australian ‘Seabins’ cleaning our oceans

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An Australian invention that is cleaning up our oceans is launching a global drive for investors.


  1. Bloody great idea. Shellenberger and Lomberg talked about how solutions come in the form of innovation, technology and Stem fields.
    Students should study in those fields to be part of the solutions rather than creating obstructions.

  2. Very Good Idea ,but how about funding this by Hefty fines to the scum bags(when caught) that are the litter bugs ,and who are polluting the place.
    Say $500 per offence.If they can do it for dog sh_t why not litter.They have plenty spy cameras and Cops all over the place watching us ,so put them to good use.

  3. And the micro-plastics contaminating 80% of all marine life? Are we just going to pretend that's not a thing so people can delude themselves that "seabins" are the silver bullet to save our dying oceans?

  4. Ah yes, people who do something other than talk. We have countries like China, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, and worst of all Indonesia that put garbage out into the Pacific, and then little old Australia with a tiny population come up with solutions to clean up the Pacific. What does that tell you? (I didn't include South Korea and Japan among the bad actors with regard to pollution because those nations are making serious attempts at cleaning up their act. They have a long way to go but they have turned the corner.)

  5. Forget the carbon tax scam. Funding projects like this I can get behind. Plastic in the oceans are a much bigger hazzard than most people realize. Or plastic on land for that matter. Faze out plastic FFS. We ingest a credit cards worth every month (or possibly a week?) and it causes all sorts of health issues. Funny how they managed just fine 50 years ago without it. Cans, glass, wax coated paper is the way to go and much easier to recycle.

  6. Good on him! This is one of the real things that needs to be done to keep the planet healthy. We can't control climate change. The sun does that. We have had many climate changes in the past. Very drastic ones that coincide with the solar cycles. We should actually be headed into an ice age lol.

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