Australia Burning: This Week in Ecology

The truth behind the animals burned in the fires, how these fires got so out of control, and a brief overview of fire ecology and wildlife/species recovery after a …



  1. This is too early to speculate, but is the Australian fires cause would be similar to why the California fires began? B/c of urbanization and not letting the forests burn thereby accumulating more dry undergrowth combined w/ a prolonged drought season. But in the case, since Australia is not heavily urbanized as in the U.S., it's much worse.

  2. My property burnt in the South Australian bushfires two weeks ago. I had no idea how quickly a bushfire moved until I was faced with the life-threatening situation to evacuate as quickly as possible. For the animals that haven't died, it is sad to see them suffering with severe burns and lack of food and water. The best thing people can do is donate to wildlife rescue centres for animal's recovery. Thank you for this video Kristina.

  3. Hi Kristina I am from Victoria Australia and it's horrifying to comprehend as to what's going on in our state yet alone our country. The scale of land that is being scorched is a massive tragedy to our wildlife. I am volunteering along with our firefighters to help our mates in need. Pray for Australia 🙏🙏🙏

  4. I’m Australian ! It’s a crisis and catastrophic! Our Government choosing to ignore climate change and focus on fossil fuels and the economy! I would say over 500,000 animals killed easily . We are in drought, on fire and a Government who are corrupt and ignorant! Our Koala population is devastated!

  5. I have family in Australia, luckily they don't live near where the fires are burning, but even so, the smoke is reaching them.
    I like how you fact-check everything, that's a real dedication to scicomm, thank you.

  6. Satan – your god DEVIL loves so much Australia. What have you done in nature, animals ??? For centuries!!!!. Now you are crying? You must be a bunch of IDIOTS.

  7. I was amazed by an article by the BBC that looked into the prevalence of arson in forming and amplifying these fires… people feeling that they can slip through the cracks, and burn areas out of retribution, anger, or attempted land grabs. Really like these run-downs! Nuanced fact-checking on ecological issues in public media is sadly rare, so the more of that we can have the better. 🙂

  8. i feel horrible for not looking into this issue. i tend to ignore negative news about our environment sometimes because it becomes so overwhelming. thanks for covering this topic. it’s so sad what’s going on in australia but i hope people become more aware about this and also donate to the links that you shared on your instagram!

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