Amazon tribe fights to protect rainforests

The Waorani tribe in Ecuador is fighting to protect the Amazon rainforest, one on the most biological diverse places on the planet that is a key buffer in controlling carbons in the atmosphere. CNN’s Becky Anderson reports. #ClimateChange #CNN #News



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  2. This is a shame. These sons of a bitch leave their countries and come to Brazil to burn it and then they come with the solution themselves. This was all orchestrated to invade the Amazon, Damn you, rob us, take that niobium and insert it inside your buttocks.. fuck those french ministers

  3. Wow this video ages well. Any updates on this story CNN? are you aware that the winners of the rainforest lawsuit are now dead from the forest fire… suspicious? I wonder if anyone else who argues against the government agenda gets burned as well

  4. They're afraid of a global Firestorm so they're cutting down oxygen levels in our atmosphere on purpose because of a solar flare that is eminent there's no stopping it they've been trying to evacuate the Masons are to blame with them holding back information bastard children of the royalty who will never become monarchy s*** blood it's all they are putrid rotted inbred look at the Royals in Europa

  5. Climate change is due to solar activity and the changing of the pools magnetic poles the atmosphere is heating up due to the sun's and its activity and setting fires around the world in a organized fashion just like the governments would do so G7 are the ones that allow the s*** to happen their scientists are horseshit I take that back they're useless a waste of space and oxygen fire and Ash is used to block the Sun as well as controls and other dust particles from the Earth into the atmosphere Stratosphere ionosphere the longer it's up there that the cooler it seems to filter out harsh solar radiation

  6. There needs to be a global effort to replace the trees lost in the fires, to restore the Amazon as best as we can and to add further forrest land to other parts of the world for our selves and future generations.

  7. i feel bad to be human and feel so bad that i couldnt do anything 🙁 i love my mother earth but i could not do anything when she is getting killed by others !! and i just stood alone and watching with the eyeful of tears

  8. The natives won so they sabotaged them by burning their land and not just that the many animals that live there also…shaking my head😢 it’s always about the money…these oil companies have no heart💔

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