Amazon rainforest: 'Once it's gone, it's gone forever' – BBC News

Billions of leaves in the Amazon rainforest take in carbon dioxide – a gas which contributes to global warming. So does deforestation cause a rise in global temperatures?
Erika Berenguer is a scientist at the Oxford Environmental Change Institute. She’s been studying the same patch of trees in the Amazon for ten years.

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  1. As global climate change proceeds, generally speaking, dry areas will become drier and moist areas wetter.
    And even though Amazonia is noted for its rains, it’s hydrological cycle is getting glitchy as evidenced by record breaking floods and droughts. With this in mind, think about how the various ways that the deforestation of the Amazon basin will interplay with global warming.
    Note: You can be a climate change skeptic and still recognize that the Amazon’s regional hydrological cycle depends on the existence of the rainforest. Furthermore, weather patterns indicate that the diminishment if the atmospheric water vapor exiting South America will impact the Southwest in USA and even Asia. Everything is connected.

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  2. The greed of mankind is the scourge of the earth. We are literally killing our mother. Deforestation is constantly chipping away at our blue-green planet because there are just too many people, and we are unnecessarily ruining the planet by misappropriating it's resources to the existing population.

  3. Theres a law that every property in the amazon should have 80% of native trees, beyond that its ilegal. Theres 30 million people living in amazon, n other people close by. U dont see bolivians complaining about roads in the forest, they need links with the sea. n most of cocaine n marijuana is planted there in amazon areas. Of course drug dealers dont want cops there.

  4. why you do not take care of your country, lest you buy materials from the Amazon. after his country has made a lot of money with all natural refusals, now the 1st world countries want to stop the developing countries from growing.

  5. If everyone took care of their own country…. they dont even take care of their own house however they want to give opinions about other countries. Brazil does a better job protecting its forest than many european countries. By the way what happened to the nature in europe?

  6. O que se espera de uma floresta que já foi considerada o pulmão do mundo? Isto é um problema de ganância e consumo desenfreado dos recursos …ora temos os EUA, a China, a Europa e por aí a fora!! Quando é que param de pagar 1 Euro por cada árvore cortada? Uma floresta com tanta biodiversidade que há espécies que ainda não se conhecem? por este andar nem se vão conhecer!! Agora com este novo Presidente ainda vai ser pior??

  7. Major part of Brazil Amazon they have right to Live their own place
    If you need fresh oxigen or sustainable development you can build your own forest in your country thankyou

  8. The Amazon is the jewel of the world with more plant and animal species than anywhere else. Who knows what secrets lies in it. If parts have to cleared for human encroachment then it must be managed by scientists and not by politicians.
    Nature is very intricate. For instance the winds carry sand from the Sahara desert to the Amazon and Barbados. The sand contains important minerals for plant life in these areas. These places won't survive without being fertilized by the Sahara.
    Even simple things like the mistake the USA made by eradicating wolves in Yellow Stone park. The environment took a beating from over grazing and the unnatural movement of the herbivorous. No amount of culling helped. Only when wolves were reintroduced did nature correct itself. Different species of animals came back and it even affected the flow of the rivers.
    Brasilia owner of this jewel has a huge responsibility to mankind to manage it wisely.

  9. 50 + years ago they told us the rainforests would be gone in a decade, perhaps two.
    They are mainly still here.
    As for the 'global warming' debate ; if more trees was the answer then why aren't we doing that instead of trying to stop people using cars?
    Personally, I couldn't give a shit what happens to humanity when I am gone, because they are so STUPID.
    They believe anything the media tells them without question and now they are even asking for their own enslavement and control, with the advent of smart meters and the cashless society.
    Who would be so stupid to ask for something that takes the control away from them?
    Keep taking your vaccines, folks, plus all the sugar-free drinks you can poison yourselves with.

  10. The British Countryside – Once it's gone it'll be gone forever. And it will be gone soon enough if we continue allowing over 600,000 foreigners to settle here every year.

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