500 Ct Clear Colorless Corn Plant Based Compostable Biodegradable Restaurant Plastic Paper Wrapped Eco Environmentally Earth Friendly Plastic Straw Straws Drinking Disposable Straws Straw Bulk

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Do you feel guilty drinking from disposable plastic straws? Drinking from straws has many benefits, like preserving the enamel on our teeth. Most beverages are acidic and drinking them without a straw will erode the enamel on our teeth. Drinking with straws aid in swallowing beverages more easily. We all know how the plastic is so terrible for the environment. There is a solution – PLA Plastic, which is derived from corn starch. The PLA (polyactic acid) plant based plastic is non-toxic to the land when it decomposes since it is plant based. Unlike traditional plastic straws, these straws fully decompose in 6 months in a compostable environment – moisture, oxygen and 140 degree F temperature. When garbage breaks down, there is heat that is released so 140 degrees in a pile of trash is nothing out of the ordinary. If you are a composter or live in cities like San Francisco, Seattle, Boulder, or Portland, you can toss these into your compost bin when you are through with the straws. Even the plastic packaging and paper wrapping of the straws are100% fully compostable. Since they are wrapped they are portable to take to your favorite restaurant, cafe, diner so you can drink with biodegradable straws. Drink wihout guilt with our disposable PLA plastic drinking straws.



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