100% Compostable Knives in Green- 160 Large Biodegradable Ecofriendly Utensils. Sturdy 7″ inch Plastic, Wooden and Bamboo Silverware Alternative

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This eco friendly silverware is made from CPLA manufactured using corn starch, making it biodegradable and compostable in both industrial and home composting facilities! The environmental benefits of using products made from plants rather than oil are numerous, including: A carbon footprint approximately 10 times lower than conventional PET plastic. CPLA breaks down into compost and water instead of the harmful microplastics produced by Oil based plastics. Plant based tableware and kitchenware can be disposed of with food waste in a composting facility, negating the need for expensive cleaning of plastic to allow recycling. Plant starch is a renewable resource which is produced annually. Making food service ware from plants means it can be composted and used to grow the next generation of plants: This is an example of a truly circular economy! Recently the world has been facing a recycling crisis for plastic, as increasing developing countries stop accepting the plastic waste of developed countries. Products made from PLA provide the solution to this! Disposal even produces high-value compost! Choosing our CPLA formula over the more common PLA formula has many benefits, which include an increased structural integrity at higher temperatures, ideal for hot meals. Our CPLA formula also does not shatter like PLA products, in fact it is almost impossible to break! Thank you for taking an interest in our environmentally friendly product, we promise not to disappoint!

✅ EXTRA LONG SILVERWARE WITH CONVENIENT TRAY – No more fumbling with small disposable utensils. Our large compostable Knives allow for a sturdy and firm grip while cutting/scooping through tough foods. We provide a complementary tray for easy storage and a sign for displaying at events
✅ ECO FRIENDLY/VINCOTTE CERTIFIED 100% COMPOSTABLE – Our environmental cutlery combo set is certified by Vincotte as completely Biodegradable. Made from Renewable and Sustainable Plant Resources- NO DEFORESTATION, ZERO WASTE. All contents and packaging are PLASTIC FREE
✅ DURABLE WITH PREMIUM FEEL AND HIGH HEAT RESISTANCE, EASILY WASHABLE/REUSABLE – Our disposable eco friendly forks, spoons and knives have a premium matte finish in white or green and are designed to be resistant to hot foods up to 212 °F! High Quality feel and don’t absorb liquids or give that wooden popsicle stick after taste of disposable wooden kitchenware.
✅ ALL NATURAL – Enjoy your food with Non-GMO Corn Based Cutlery made in a certified facility. This organic renewable resource (corn) is grown and harvested ethically. No BPA, Chlorine or Harmful Toxic Chemicals found in Disposable Plastic Flatware. No Risk of Splinters whilst Eating like with Throw Away Wooden Utensils.
✅ 80 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We believe you will be completely satisfied by our environmentally friendly kitchenware. Perfect for BBQ, Wedding, Party supplies, Festival, Picnic, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Christenings and Camping and Restaurants. If not, we will gladly give you a full refund!



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