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Buy products with less packaging. Avoid single-serve or individually wrapped items. Shop at stores that have bulk dispensers for grains, nuts, dried fruits, and snacks. Bring your own plastic bag or container to put the bulk food in. And try to buy bulk sizes of food or sanitary products, which saves on packaging.
Take a reusable bag with you shopping. Take durable canvas or synthetic-fiber bags, a backpack, or a basket with you to the store, enough to hold whatever you plan on buying. These can usually be bought at the stores themselves. A heavy-duty plastic bag that you use multiple times can serve the purpose almost as well. You can reuse them to carry your groceries or even as trash bags. They’re also good for storing partially-used produce in the refrigerator, protecting fragile or potentially leaky items in a suitcase, and for general carrying around.
Compost your food and yard waste. Instead of throwing away what you don’t eat, and tossing your landscaping trimmings, why not put them towards a compost heap for your garden? This way you’ll save on fertilizer, and spare your city some change in reduced waste pickup. You can buy a plastic compost bin at most garden centers.
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Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls (One Dozen)
Price: (as of – Details) From the manufacturer TOUR SOFT TECHNOLOGY Our Largest Core Ever Tour Soft golf balls are
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Lego Solar Powered Car
Combining Lego Technic with non-Lego motor and 1V solar panel.
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Reshake (8 Pack) Reusable Food Storage Bags Larger, Reusable Freezer Bags Silicone, Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bags for Kids Lunch,
Price: (as of – Details) 💋 WHY CHOOSE US? ✔️ Made of FDA-grade PEVA material. ✔️ Perfect solution for plastic
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Portable Solar Panel Powered Trickle Charger Keeps My Battery CHARGED!
In this video i will share how i keep my dump trailer and mini excavator batteries charged when not in
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Plasticless 200PCS 100% Compostable Plant-Based Straws-A Fantastic Alternative to Soggy Paper Straws 100% Biodegradable Flexible Drinking Bendy Bendable Paper Straws
Price: (as of – Details) Plasticless 100% Compostable Flexible Drinking Straws – A fantastic alternative to soggy paper straws.Made from a
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Creating The Farm of Their Dreams! 5-Acre Food Forest & Restoration Project
Come along with us on this food forest tour, on our very last day of completion at Jubilee Organics in
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Harbor Freight Solar Powered Cell Phone Charger
Harbor Freight Solar Powered Cell Phone Charger. This 1.5 watt Solar panel from Harbor Freight was $10.86 after I used
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A new and innovative approach to harnessing wind energy | European CEO
American Wind is an energy technology company that has turned the idea of a wind turbine on its head. Traditionally,
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